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Jimmy HSP

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June 4, 2014

TMNTWEBB's NA Rank 1 (Season 3)

Shaman NA S3 Rank 1 Decklist

TMNTWEBB recently achieved Rank 1 on NA Server. It’s pretty unique in that his deck was not only a Shaman deck but also only contained a single Legendary – Nat Pagle! Being a Mt:G player also helped him in his crazy achievement of getting Rank 1 with <300 wins!

Decklist & General Guide

It’s a standard/solid Shaman deck, going for more tempo and board control instead of relying on Windfury or Leeroy Jenkins combos. Gadgetzan Auctioneer for more draw power as the game progresses.

View the Reddit thread.


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Leave a Reply

  1. Will says:

    Forked Lightning not good enough? Seems synergize with the other cards ok.

  2. Docile says:

    this deck is absolute trash. this isn’t fit for the current beast rush meta

  3. Shreda says:

    So, with the minor nerf to Pagle in the latest patch, i assume this deck wouldn’t be quite

    as viable as it was before. I’ve no doubt it’s still playable, but my question is whether or not it’s worth swapping him for that second mana tide totem.

    • Jimmy Wang says:

      Yes, I’d recommend swapping it. But careful if your meta is Hunter heavy, Shamans have a slight disadvantage against them.

  4. Xiaonan Zou says:

    Hi Jimmy, have been following your posts for quite some time. i really like the way this deck is constructed. Wonder if i can swap some other legendary cards into this deck. Mind giving me some suggestion? i have got Ragnaros, Thalnos and Cairne.

    • Jimmy Wang says:

      Those are all good candidates if your goal is to gear the deck towards more of a control. (Cairne/Thalnos > Ragnaros preference).

      • Xiaonan Zou says:

        Thanks for the reply!
        Currently running the deck with forked lightning replacing auctioneers, cairne and ragnaros replacing argent commanders, thalnos replacing a flame tongue and a mana tide replacing the nerfed pagle. Feels like I am pulling my mid game apart towards more anti-aggro early game clear and more control-like late game finishers.
        Any suggestion?

  5. /slivkov says:

    Outstanding deck, I’ve been using it a lot recently, and it can deal with any legendary-stuffed-decks as long as you play smart enough. I play 1 mana tide totem instead of Nat(im poor as fuck) but it does the job. One little correction in the description you misspelled Legendary (spelled Legendayr). Nice site though!

  6. Harry Bradford says:

    Are those forked lightnings supposed to be lightning bolts?

  7. Djain says:

    This deck is really sweet, thanks for posting it. Only thing is I would love to see some gameplay footage of this deck because sometimes it’s tough to know what to mulligan when you’re facing different classes and have a lot of the 1 mana spells.

  8. Krox says:

    to digby: 4: leroy is removal i agre with you, but after all i every time save 1 forked lighting for it so i can use it :) its a bit risky play i know but after all its worth it (+ when you combine it with rockbiter weapon its pretty devasteting)
    3: knife juggler is bit RNG true dat, but its strong against small drops for 1, 2 and 3 mana, so if you start with coin + knife juggler, 2 totemic call and on 3 feral spirit.
    2:late game lighting strom? never happen, on better ranks when everybody going agro rogue or murloc warlocks you waste every ligting strom and at least 1 forked lighting at the start, i don´t know on which rank are you playing but it happens still to me :)
    1: card draw is low with pagle and mana tide totem? i dont agree, its only nesesary to have at least 1 taunt minion with that card drawing minion and if somebody waste spells on it, so you can just attack with your minions on board and thats another + :)
    after all what rank are you? :) im only 5 right now but i know it will be better and better :)

    • Digby says:

      Currently rank 3 but mostly play arena, starting to try out constructed more. Got a lot more dust from DE’ing a gold legendary and am going to try throwing in Bloodmage Thalnos into the deck to replace a squire – and possibly Cairne Bloodhoof when I can to replace an azure drake

  9. Krox says:

    HMM i don´t like in this deck a few things, 1st: gangetzan auctioner – when i use spells like storm bolt or earth shock i use them at start to clear the board so when i get 5 mana im almost out of spells
    2nd: azure drake: WHY?! its a bit overkill to have spell power totem + azure drake and complain about drawing cards when you have pagle and mana tide totem? its not worth it and 5 mana for 4/4 minion its not good
    3th: flametongue totem is good but bit overkill again when you have defender of argus so in my deck i have instead of flametroll totem knife juggler.
    4th: argent commander is pretty good card but at least one you should replace for ragnaros or both for ragnaros and leroy jenkis.
    That´s all from me and thank you for reading this + comment :) SEE you later.

    • Digby says:

      Been running this deck recently and I disagree and can see the effectiveness of all these choices.
      1: No way you’re out of spells by turn 5. In addition to storm, bolt and shock there is also rockbiter, hex, and feral spirit. This deck hinges off card draw as its relatively low curve and heavy removal – it has an answer for everything and card draw allows that.
      2: Once again – you really can’t have too much card draw but that is only part of it. You can’t always rely on having a spell power totem down. Late game tossing down the drake to combo with a more powerful lightning storm can be game changing.
      3: flametongue is much more reliable and versatile than a knife juggler. Flametongue on argent squire makes for a great strong opening option, but most importantly its reliable and consistent as opposed to RNG knife juggler.
      4: I have been running rag in this deck and its been quite nice actually so i do agree with that. I replaced one of the azure drakes with it however and left both argent commanders. I prefer the commander over leeroy in this deck because its a bit more versatile. Leeroy is simply finishing power while commander has the option to go to the face or be used more for board control (which is preferable especially for this consistent deck).

  10. Tasos says:

    Too nice deck :) i made some changes on it, i had remove 2xArgent Squire and i add 2xWorgen Infiltrator. I think it is better because your enemy cant kill it (unless it is mage with arcane explosion or arcane missiles) until u decide to attack, and have +1DMG,

  11. Cseszka says:

    Thank You Jimmy!
    This is the best hearthstone deck site, because You are writing about pro decks, not just many junk builds like other sites.
    Few post but good quality.