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February 2, 2017

Legend Token Druid Guide: Roaring to Victory!


was touted as a card that would be perfect for fun games but its viability was always in question when the card was first announced. Regardless of viability, the card seemed to be fun to play and everyone started running it in all kinds of lists. People have gone as far as to run the card in Patron Warrior with great success! Among all the decks that run our favorite Old God, this insanity themed card probably fits the Token Druid archetype best. Thanks to the large number of spells and cycle cards that generate other spells like Wild Growth (on turn 10 or later) and Raven Idol, you can get quite a bit of fuel for Yogg and win games that you have no business winning.

But the best thing about Yogg Druid is that you do not even need Yogg Saron to win games, it’s just a card that can help you come back in specific situations or outright win you the game because he likes you! Token Druid is a deck that is most definitely not new and it has been around forever. It never became dominant because Combo Druid was just way ahead in terms of quality. Before we get into how to play the deck let’s check out card choices.

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