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February 2, 2017

List: Control Warrior

Update 17 March: Updated decklist for latest patch (with Pagle and Tinkmaster nerf)

Update 10 March: 15 Games worth of Control Rank 8 to 5 action!

Update 8 March: Videos of Control Warrior in action here!

Warrior Control Decklist

Frost Nova

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Leave a Reply

  1. Kofix says:

    Any replacement for ragnaros & Alexstrasza?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Pretty decent deck but it sucks against shamans

  3. Maverick says:

    I dont have Grom but replaced with Leeroy and seeing good results with this deck. ZooLock is still a tough matchup. Any suggestions?

  4. David says:

    Its insane how good this deck is. I have been face rolling all these aggro decks hard with this deck. Handlock can be kind of a bitch if they get an insane draw. So far Baron Geddon has done very little in most matchups. There is the occasional aggro match where he comes out and whips ass. However, Brawl still shines the most for those pesky aggro matches. I don’t think that Baron Geddon is detrimental to the success of this deck. I wasted the dust for him, but I can tell you it’s not as necessary as all the others. Grommash is an absolute necessity. His dmg is insane. But honestly Baron could probably be traded for a tbk or faceless manipulator. But I cut a few cards from this deck and added two cleaves. Which I attribute to my success vs all this zoo and rush nonsense that the meta is flooded with. I cut one whirlwind and one cruel for two cleaves. I have tweaked a lot but this seems to be the best for the rush meta. If you’re playing ramp druids you need to come out swinging hard and hold onto the executes for the huge fatties. I use shield slams on the druid of the claws. That way the 8/8 taunts and bigger can easily be cleared.

  5. Grabowski says:

    i dont have ysera, can i replace it with another card till i got it? i replaced it with gruul so far dont know if this makes sense…

  6. Violence says:

    I don’t have Baron yet. Can I replace him with a second brawl ?

  7. Kelsier says:

    How in God’s name do you beat Shaman?

  8. Bicepcurls says:

    I am stuck at rank 7 running this deck. I swapped out senjins for cleaves to cut through all the hunter and warlock decks from 12-7. Now I am facing ramp druid after ramp druid. I am about 50-60% win rate right now. What changes could be made to this deck to increase the win rate against Druids?

    • Jimmy Wang says:

      It depends on what type of Druids. Ramp Druids is the most difficult – you need board control ASAP. Senjins are fine, Druids to remove them before whipping out combos.

      Maybe the addition of Abomination and take out Gorehowl.

      • Bicepcurls says:

        whatabout TBK for gorehowl

        • Jimmy Wang says:

          It’s good *but* if you are against a good Ramp player, he will be using 4/4 Charge for their Druid of the Claws to fight for board control and keep it clear. That’s my tactic when I play Ramp Druids against Warrior anyway 😛 Face face face!

          PS: It will also depend on your rank. 7 should be fine with TBK.

  9. BestRiven says:

    Is Baron Geddon absolutely needed can it be replaced?

  10. Snowman_ says:

    Is Wild Pyromancer a go? Been getting rushed down and he’s been pretty good at that extra bit of AOE, I feel like cleave sometimes isnt enough.

  11. Snowman_ says:

    Replacing Baron Geddon with Sylvanas at the moment but have the ultimatum of crafting either Alexstrasza or Ysera, both are evenly applicable through decks from my experience but was wondering which one is more important in control warrior.

  12. Sam says:

    how about the inner rage card for this deck? which should be replaced? or should it be replaced?

  13. Angrodbrohem says:

    I’m looking replacement for Baron Geddon, any suggestions?

  14. HidaHayabusa says:

    I’d replace one Berserker with Big Game Hunter. Walrock aggro is so common in higher ranks and having BGH in helps a lot (also in the mirror). Ysera isn’t really helping me that much, so I replaced her with Black Knight since everybody’s running Defender of Argus (so he can randomly hit against rush), and because of Handlocks and Druids loving their taunters.

    • Jimmy Wang says:

      Alex is for comboing with the likes of Grom or Gorehowl. Ysera is good for combo and it forces an answer immediately or else risk having you snowballing. Your taste may vary.

  15. jixabel says:

    can i replace the shieldmastas with arguses or are they in there for a specific purpose (as a 4 drop)?

  16. Davi Castro says:

    Hey man, the only legendary that i don’t have is Grom, i’m currently replacing him with Sylvannas but it isn’t going very well, any suggestions ? Maybe Argent Commander ?

  17. Froggydot says:

    Hello guys!

    I am trying to create my own warrior control deck based on the DKMR deck used in their legendary journey here in fourth season. What I wonder is: What would you consider as the best one in this beta, “The Black Knight” or “Ysera”? I have 2000 dust to spend.

    I am currently using rogue, but I am stuck at around rank 8 ^^

    • Jimmy Wang says:

      I personally use TBK in my deck but it’s very meta dependent and it will lose to mirror matches due to lack of Ysera.

  18. Jean Sairien says:

    Thanks for that update mate, one last question. You said you use cleave when you see a lot of aggro deck. Which card do you withdraw to put it from time to time ?

  19. Frostbarrier says:

    I don’t have Alextrasza nor Ysera nor Baron nor Cairne … halp?

    • Jimmy Wang says:

      I wouldn’t recommend Control Warrior without most legendaries. It works because of them – it’s a very expensive deck by nature :(

  20. Keveff says:

    I’m about to craft a legendary. Between Ysera and Ragnaros, which is more important for this deck? I currently only have Grom, Tinkmaster, and Alex at the moment.

    • Jimmy says:

      Ysera give Dream cards that you can combo with Grom, so that’d be my suggestion.

  21. Nathan says:

    Any advice to replace Ysera, one of the only legendaries I do not own.

  22. Zypre says:

    Ah yes, there’s nothing better than having Smith, Zerker and Acolyte out, then using Whirlwind and watch your opponents frantic card-hovering in disbelief

    • Jimmy says:

      Definitely not an easy deck to play but once you have it down – it’s glorious!

      • Zypre says:

        I’ve played an incredibly similar deck for a long time now – Once you get the hang of your priorities in terms of combos (whether it’s worth it or not) and trading, it’s quite ridiculously powerful.
        At the season change, I managed to go from Rank 25 to Rank 16 with 0 losses with that deck. Then I faced a rush warlock that had the typical god-hand and I had no Whirls 😛