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Dust Cost

Last Updated

September 5, 2014

Table of Contents

Nuba Midrange Druid
Class Cards (19)
Innervate 0
Wild Growth 2
Wrath 2
Savage Roar 3
Keeper of the Grove 4
Swipe 4
Druid of the Claw 5
Force of Nature 5
Ancient of Lore 7
Cenarius 9
Neutral Cards (11)
Harvest Golem 3
Shade of Naxxramas 3
Chillwind Yeti 4
Spectral Knight 5
Loatheb 5
Sylvanas Windrunner 6
Ragnaros the Firelord 8

Mana Curve

2 0
0 1
4 2
6 3
6 4
7 5
1 6
4 7

Attack Curve

12 0
0 1
6 2
0 3
6 4
5 5
0 6
1 7

Health Curve

12 0
0 1
2 2
2 3
4 4
6 5
2 6
2 7

Legendary Disenchanting/Crafting Guide


Hello everyone, its been some time since my last article and I am sorry for it, I have been having some real life stuff to do which made it so I could not write or play as much as I wanted to.

Today I will be talking about everyone’s favorite question on forums and groups: “Should I disenchant this legendary?”. Altho the question might seem to have a direct answer, sometimes it just doesn’t: there are different factors that must be taken into consideration before disenchanting a legendary card, and I will try to guide you as much as I can thru all of the “ifs” that exists.

The Useless Legendaries

So, let us start with the cards you should instantly disenchant, regardless of being golden or not, these cards should be disenchanted on sight, unless you don’t need any other card in the game:

And the listed Legendary cards are completely useless and you are better off with 4 good rare cards you need or 1 epic card. If they are golden? Even better!

The Somehow useful Legendaries

Some legendaries are bad enough not to be played competitively, but they somehow make up for their bad status as they are still playable whenever you don’t have enough cards.

I suggest using these legendaries if you are new to the game and not disenchanting them, but whenever you start to get better these cards should be disenchanted for better cards.

Keep in mind if you manage to get any of these cards in their golden form, instantly disenchant them and create one of the legendaries from the next section!

Remember: If you get any of these cards in their golden form and you are not into the collection business,disenchant them right away to make the cards in the next part of this article!

The Always good Legendaries

These are the legendaries you should craft and keep(in case you already have them). Never ever disenchant any of the following cards as they are prime in their spots and have a unique effect, that you might come to need in any given time of your game’s progression:

What if I get the golden versions of the Prime Legendaries?

Well, there are 2 cases:

Case 1) You don’t have that said card: Keep it. No matter the situation, you should never disenchant the card you just got.

Case 2) You already have a neutral version of the said card: There are 2 different scenarios here, and I would like to go as deep here as possible, keep in mind this case also applies if you already have a Golden version of said legendary and just got the normal version:

If you have over 70% of the prime cards, you can keep the Golden card and disenchant the neutral card, this situation usually applies to players who have many decks and do not need the dust right away. These players usually go for the swag!

But jokes apart, its nice to have golden cards in your deck whenever you don’t need the dust to craft anything else! But if you feel like you could use another legendary of the Prime list, go ahead and disenchant the Golden card to make the one you needed,  you’ll lose the swagness, but you’ll gain real game advantage.

Whenever you don’t have a lot of the Prime Legendaries you should disenchant the golden version and keep the normal so you can get the 1600 dust from the golden and build another useful legendary. Remember that getting a wider card pool to build you decks is always better than having more in-game swag!

A Decklist!

There can never be a Nuba Article without a Nuba Decklist! Therefore today I bring you guys a Midrange Druid of mine that I am playtesting. The list looks a lot like the pre-naxxramas Charge Druid but trading the Pre-Naxx meta cards for the Post-Naxx meta cards, this list is currently under the test phase and will be updated with the passing of time!


Firstly I would like to tell you the obvious: None of these rules applies to the Collection Guy. If you are one of these people who like to collect cards and go for the whole collection rather than the optimal card pool and playability, forget about this article.

I hope this article was helpful for you! Regarding all the legendaries and if you should keep them or not, whenever you should disenchant them or not. If you have any other question regarding that feel free to ask me in the comments below and I will try to answer it asap!

I sincerely hope you all enjoyed what you read today, and I hope to see you more often here at!

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Leave a Reply

  1. dollvidiot says:

    Yet another question: How can I determine if I want Ysera over Ragnaros or Alexstraza. With the Leeroy nerf I am about to disentchant him since he is not of too much use in cnrtol decks compared to the bigger legendaries I mentionet earlier.I am also thinking about Jaraxxus, my Handlock deck is pretty much complete aside from sylvanas which I see more and more frequently,

    TL;DR: How do I decide which is the best Legendary for me regarding ranked play and the fact that at the moment I have Grommash, King Krush, Cenarius, Black Knight, Leeroy, Loeatheb, Maexxna and Deathwing?

  2. dollvidiot says:

    Yet another question regarding crad.gaining: do would you recommend me to save my money up to finish naxx(I only bought the first two keys so far) or to just go arena and get decks?

  3. dollvidiot says:

    Hi, I have two questions: 1. I don’t really understand the problem with King krush, I find it a neat finisher on with my hunter and would appreaciate some further insight! 2. I have a golden Edwin van Cleef but am not much of a Rogue player since my deck is really incomplete, so I am thinking about disenchanting it in exhcange for Leeroy since he is versatile and usefull for many classes, what would you say?

    • dollvidiot says:

      Nevermind I just tested my Face Hunter without King Krush and found out it has enough damage in any scenario without having o waste a cardslot that only gives you 8 damage for 9 Mana :)

  4. PhCraft says:

    Great guide, Nuba, but I noticed you forgot to include Cairne Bloodhoof in your list of top tier legendaries! I’m assuming this isn’t intentional, so I though I’d point that out in case you wanted to fix the list.

  5. dillonvotaw says:

    Just wanted to drop by and say that this Druid list is F*CKING awesome. I’ve only lost one game with it so far today, climbed from 17 (I’ve been bouncing around the bottom of the ladder all season thus far) to 12 with ease. Love the spectral knights, love the full combo set. I am running Cairne Bloodhoof in the place of Rag, whom I haven’t pulled. Seems to be working fine. Maybe Leeroy instead? Not sure. I like the big bodies more than the burst, maybe.

  6. goblinprof says:

    jakdripr’s comments are intelligent and i agree strongly with about 50% of them. On some other points – there are issues complicate the early conclusions he draws.

    On Nozdormu and Miracle Rogue we concur totally. Nine mana can be way too late.

    Millhouse – and giving your opponent free pyroblasts. Some people think it is never good to give your opponent a free pyroblast.

    Well that depends on whether we are at turn 2 of the game or turn 9. Millhouse Manastorm is a terrible draw after turn 5 and you want to keep him in your hand if you draw him late. The downside is just too high.

    This is similar to Dancing Swords being a terrible draw in the late game. the 4/4 is not big enough to be the biggest thing on the board and the advantage to the opponent is much more sizable late game.

    But think about a Turn 2 Millhouse. Your opponent has few cards – and has probably mulliganed away many of his expensive cards for cheap ones. So the odds are good there are no horror story spells in her hand.

    However what if she does have a horror story spell? Let’s consider what spells he could have.

    Fireball? He is using a 6 mana spell to kill a 2 mana creature. And that fireball is NOT going to your dome.

    Or she DOES go to your dome with a Fireball. You are an Aggro Deck. Your life is a pretty irrelevant resource of you are trying to dish out 30 as fast as you can and she is not being Aggro Back.

    Flameblast. Ok. He killed a one mana creature and a two mana creature. Pretty lame return for a flameblast.

    Arcane Intellect? He would have played it next turn anyway.

    Sprint? Now you are sad.

    Blessing of Kings? Now you are annoyed – but she had to have it in hand AND a creature out to be able to use it. And If Millhouse swings at the big creature and a little creature helps – you have traded two cards for two cards. Not a tragedy here.

    On Onyxia, 8/8 for 8 is not a great deal and 6 1/1s for 8 is not a great deal but having them both in one package is a more interesting deal. And sure – there are lots of ways to remove one of the threats – but the other threat still remains.

    On Cho, Cho would be terrible in exactly the decks jakdripr says it would be bad in. The analysis is exactly right. If you run Cho, DONT RUN SPELLS. Never mind if traditional zoo, or traditional X-midrange runs spells. If you are running Cho you are intentionally running a spell-less deck and counting on creature battlecries and death rattles to do your work for you. Your opponent will have spells – and it is this asymmetry you are hoping to benefit from.

    That said – – – jakdripr’s overall skepticism is sound and is based on a further weakness in the original posting that needs to be brought to light.

    you can’t build a deck entirely around one legendary card … because you often won’t draw it in your opening hand – and you often won’t draw it in the entire game.

    cards that are only useful if you draw them in the first eight cards you see – or cards that make you run a weak deck hoping that your magic bullet will come up are less robust than cards that play well with a variety of other cards in the deck.

    so it helps legends if they are synergistic.

    By this logic my defense of Cho is less compelling than my defense of Millhouse Manastorm.

    Without Cho, there is no reason to run a spell-less deck, so you are tying one hand behind your back in the hope that one supercool card comes up.

    Millhouse is a great card as an early draw and an awful card to draw on Turn 6.

    Fortunately he goes into aggro decks – where you are hoping the game is over by Turn 5-6. So the negative synergies in this case are mitigated by the overall logic of your deck.

    But I would probably agree with jakdripr – build the best deck you can … and cuteness is often rewarded with losses.

  7. goblinprof says:

    There are two ways of thinking about oddball legendaries.

    The standard tournament ladder way which is what Nuba does – what is played and not played currently.

    And there is the creative way – which involves thinking about how to break a card to win games in ways no one else expects or can deal with.

    The oddball legendaries give creative brewers serious options.

    The no-brainer undervalued legendary is Onyxia – which is usually a gamewinner for me if it hits the table. It shows up in most of my control decks.

    Most opponents can remove an 8/8 or they can remove 6 1/1s. They can not remove both. One of those serious threats will survive till next turn and cream my opponent.

    Lorewalker Cho is for a 100% creature deck midrange – i.e. no spells. You play no spells so his effect does not hurt you. Every spell your opponent play gives you a free useful card. This won’t work in aggro where a 0/4 for 2 does not fit. Nor does it work in control where spells are mandatory. But in a midrange all creature deck where your buffs come from other creatures Lorewalker Cho can be a house. If your opponent is playing fireballs, hexes or buffs, it makes her sad.

    Tinkmaster Overspark is an aggro card. He is a 3/3 for 3, perfectly fine. If you have flooded the board with creatures, either a) he turns one of your creatures into a house – or b) he wrecks a one or two mana cost creature you have played. If your aggro deck is at good, that creature has already laid damage on your opponents dome and it was not that big to begin with. So having it go to 1/1 is no big deal.

    If your opponents creature turns into a 1/1 cool. Otherwise he gets one fatty he can take out some of your small guys with. You are still rushing for the dome to win.

    Millhouse Manastorm is for pure aggro. If the game goes to turn 7 you have lost anyway. On turn 2, you play a 4/4 and your opponent has to have removal for a 4/4 immediately or he is in trouble. He does not have many cards in hand. The odds are Millhouse does a lot of damage.

    Nozdormu hoses Miracle Rogue big time. Unfortunately, if Miracle Rogue goes off before turn 9, life is not great. It is also a good card for newbies to play in the lower parts of the ladder, because opponents down there will not psychologically be able to cope with the 15 second time rule.

    I could go on – but there is a lesson here.


    Think about what cards CAN do – and not what everyone else is doing with cards!

    There is tons of unexplored potential in Hearthstone for people willing to try the bizarre.

    • jakdripr says:

      I respect your attempts at creativity, and in some cases you do have a point. But there’s a reason no one plays a lot of these cards, and it’s not just because no one else plays them. I’ll give you a few examples:

      Nozdormu: You called him the miracle killer, but considering turn 8 is when miracle is trying to kill you anyway, his 9 mana cost makes him useless. Plus it only takes a few seconds to sap a creature and that’s the end of that. This card is awful, under every single circumstance and like the article said, you are better of just crafting an epic or 4 rares.

      Cho: You definitely have a point with cho, and a bunch of Zoo’s tried to make him work. The issue here is you are paying 2 mana for an 0/4 with an ability that could bite you in the ass(Zoo’s still run some spells) as opposed to 2 mana for an 0/2 that protects you from board clears(nerubian egg). But I can still see some situations where Cho is useful. With that said, you are probably still better off just crafting 4 rares for your creature deck.

      Onyxia: She’s aight(which is why she’s in the aight section), but all your opponent has to have is 1 swipe/unstable ghoul/death’s bite/explosive trap/lightning storm/consecrate/holy nova/you get the point and you just paid 9 mana for an 8/8(not good value at all). Sure you can do cute things like Onyxia + innvervate + power of the wild, but that’s a 3 card turn 10 combo which is just asking for trouble.

      Finally, Millhouse: I’m sorry, but giving your opponent free pyroblasts is NEVER a good idea. I once had a horrible opening hand, it had force of nature + 2 savage roars. Then my opponent played a millhouse and I won the game. Sure you get a 4/4 for 2 mana, but most decks have spells that deal with that, and then you want to make those spells free? Nah B.

      At the end of the day though, no one can tell you how to play the game, it’s your call. My point is, there are opinions in life, and there are facts, and the fact is some of these legendaries are garbage. Sure, maybe down the line the game will evolve to the point where some of them find use, but in general they just aren’t very good.

      • diaperman says:

        Nice work, I especially enjoyed your section on the somewhat useful legendarys.

        One question I had – I do sometimes see Tinkmaster Overspark included in Warrior control decks (including Trump’s YouTube videos from a few days ago). Did you take that into consideration?

        With how much dust you lose disenchanting then re-creating legendarys it’s tough to justify getting rid of anything you may need long term.

        • Nuba says:

          The guy responding you was not me 😛
          Anyway, to respond your question “With how much dust you lose disenchanting then re-creating legendarys it’s tough to justify getting rid of anything you may need long term.”, I can say that this is the reason I create articles like this, to try and help you so things like what you mentioned wont happen.