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Jimmy HSP

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August 7, 2016

Table of Contents

Mastering the Arena

Here you will find a collection of articles and series aimed to help you take your Hearthstone Arena to the next level!!

Note: You can also visit the Arena category to view all our posts on Arena in Hearthstone!

Arena Fundamentals

These articles are aimed to teach you not just the basics, but also the advanced concepts and techniques of succeeding in the Hearthstone Arena.

Arena Tier List by adwcta and Merps

Beginner’s Arena Guide: Choosing a Class and Drafting a Deck by Sheng
Beginner’s Arena Guide: How to Win Games by Sheng
Beginner’s Arena Guide: The Importance of Board Clear by Sheng
Advanced Arena Guide: Achieving the Dream by Sheng

The Importance of Mana Curve in Arena by Camzeee
In-Depth Analysis of the Coin in Arena by Camzeee
How to Play Turns 2 & 3 in the Arena by Smashthings

On Mastery of Arena: Playing (Basic) by adwcta
On Mastery of Arena: Playing (Advanced) by adwcta
On Mastery of Arena: Drafting (Basic) by adwcta
On Mastery of Arena: Drafting (Advanced) by adwcta

Arena Guides

The Secret to 12-0 in Arena – Analysis of Recent 12 Win Decks by Asmodeus

Drafting and Playing Terrible Cards in Hearthstone’s Arena by Bivalpha

Arena with Stone: How does the Arena Work? by Stonekeep
Arena with Stone: Playing Around Class Cards by Stonekeep
Arena with Stone: Playing Around Neutral Cards and Theory by Stonekeep

Anticipating Curve Plays in Arena by shokuninTV
Looking for 12 Wins? Read about Synergy in Arena by wito

Arena Matchups

Arena Matchups is a series created by adwcta where he goes in-depth for each class in the Arena context and fully exploit the class’s vulnerabilities. View the complete list at the Grinning Goat section!

Arena Drafting and Quiz Videos

Great series created by Mr. Shine. Featuring draft quizzes and conclusion of the runs! Test your drafting knowledge!

Arena Strategy Drafting Walkthrough

Arena Quiz: Priest Drafting
Conclusion of Priest Drafting

Arena Quiz: Warrior Drafting
Conclusion: Warrior Drafting

Arena Quiz: Shaman Drafting
Conclusion: Shaman Drafting

Arena Quiz: Warlock Drafting
Conclusion: Warlock Drafting

Arena Quiz: Rogue Drafting
Conclusion: Rogue Drafting

Arena Quiz: Hunter Drafting
Conclusion: Hunter Drafting

Arena Quiz: Druid Drafting
Conclusion: Druid Drafting

Arena Quiz: Mage Drafting
Conclusion: Mage Drafting

Arena Quiz: Paladin Drafting
Conclusion: Paladin Drafting

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Leave a Reply

  1. direna says:

    I have watched Ratsmah and played tons of Arena-Games right now. There is just one thing, that brings you the wins:
    Luck, nothing but luck and not skill (Card Choice ist doing the Arena Tool and thinking of the opponent cards is impossible, looking forward for the next plays maybe, but that depends on your cards).

    I used the Arena-Tools mentioned below, got really good decks, Aggro, Tempo, Midrange-Decks. Mages with two Polymorphs, two Fireballs and Flamestrike -> ZERO wins, cause the mulligan gave me ridicolous cards, the opponent always got in Pole Position and got the right answers and, for example, I havent even seen the a.m. Fireball in just one game…

    The last run: – As I tought, good choices but not the glimpse of a chance against Hunter, Shaman and Pala…

  2. direna says:

    We’ll, as recommended, I tested HearthArena for a lot of Arena-Runs. The results were incredible!!

    Nearly every game ended in tremendous losses. Not just one Game with more than 3 wins, far far worse than without this site.

  3. direna says:

    I don’t understand the Arena…
    As usual, I finish the season about R8. So, I know the basics and I am able to read. Not more, not less.

    Playin’ Arena and take my time for building (15 minutes at least!) the deck regarding to your Guide, I am able to win 2, sometimes 3 Games. One day, I will tell my children in future of this day, I won 6 Games! I got tears in my eyes…

    My last Arena a few minutes ago: 5 Games, 4 Paladins as the opponent. Winning 2, but havin’ absolutly no chance against the Pala. They were flooding the boards and I can’t stand the pressure.

    There must be a secret that I haven’t found right now.

    • Stonekeep HSP says:

      Well, it’s pretty much impossible to tell the problem without seeing your drafts/games. First of all – when it comes to the drafts, have you tried using some drafting tools like HearthArena? It really helps to make your drafts better. Second thing – gameplay. Arena is very different than the Constructed. Tempo is most important, because there are pretty much no comeback mechanics. In Constructed every slower deck runs some AoEs to get back on the board – in Arena once you get far ahead, you stay ahead 90% of time. It means that the first turns are very important. You need to draft a lot of 2-drops and 3-drops, possibly even some 1-drops. Even in a slower decks you NEED small drops, a lot of them. You also want to mulligan heavily for them. You usually just throw away everything that’s 4+ unless you have a good curve. You want to get on the board to get the initiative. If you’re the one initiating trades and stuff – you’re going to take the most efficient ones. In Constructed taking 100% efficient trades is usually punished by some sort of AoE. You keep your minions alive at low health – you get AoE’d. While you obviously play around AoEs in Arena, a lot of drafts don’t even have them – so minions are much more important.

      I don’t know what advices I can give to you. Maybe watch some Arena streamers? Ratsmah is cool, because he’s great at Arena and he’s usually explaining his thought process. Even better when he’s actually coaching someone, you can learn a lot from that.

  4. cncc says:

    need update for all posts and guides