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December 31, 2015

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Mastering the ‘X’ Deck Guides

(To find more deck lists and guides on specific meta decks (or to see the current popular meta decks), visit our Meta Decks page!)

About the Series

Mastering the ‘X’ Deck Guides is a series where we create a complete comprehensive guide for a popular meta deck. It’s extremely extensive and each one is broken down in three sections:

  • Beginner: Where we talk about the card choices and the general strategy of the meta deck.
  • Advanced: Delving deeper into the more advanced portion of the deck like advanced strategies, combos, alternate & tech cards.
  • Matchups and Mulligans: Mulligans is one of the most crucial steps in playing a deck and knowing how to play against other popular meta decks is also just as important. For more matchup analysis, you can also find individual post on each of the meta deck sections.

The Guides

All of the above guides will also be updated and edited over time, so they’ll always be up to date and contain relevant information. And when they’re updated, the timestamp will change and they get bumped to the top, so readers can identify them easier.

To find more guides on a meta deck (or to see the current popular meta decks), visit our Meta Decks page!

The Beginner section is under the Public section, and it covers just enough for players to get started on trying out the deck. The Advanced and Matchups and Mulligans section are under Premium, so if the readers enjoyed reading the Beginner section, they can consider signing up for membership and enjoy the complete package!

Do let us know what you think of this series by dropping us a line or commenting directly below!

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  1. christine says:

    Could you change the name of this series? Whenever I see it I think it’s a meta guide on deck guides. “Mastering” is an activity, and “the ‘X’ deck guides” is the object of that activity. Because “the” and “‘X’ deck” modify “guides,” without the modifiers the name is “Mastering guides.” It’s a grammar problem that is potentially confusing for readers. If “deck guides” is a sub-topic, then add in a colon (“:”) to delineate, please.

  2. balthasia1 says:

    i hope these guides get updated/extended with recent matchups, decklists or complete new guides with post tgt meta decks :)

  3. impose says:

    If you’re taking requests, I’d love to have a Midrange Hunter guide. Thanks!

    • Stonekeep HSP says:

      Hey! One guide is already on the way (will be out tomorrow), I’m working on two different pieces already. But after that, I guess I can write about Midrange Hunter :) We’ll see, we’ll see. I’d do that much sooner, but I’ve already written about Hybrid Hunter, which is kinda similar to Midrange one and we didn’t want to push out similar guides one after another.

      • impose says:

        Makes sense. I really like the format of Mastering X. Keep great content coming and I’ll keep subbing!

  4. uljulj says:

    This is exactly the kind of guides that I want to read. Highly detailed and well explained. In particular, reading high-quality guides like this gives you a better understanding of Hearthstone decks and play in general, not just the specific deck covered. Finally, I like the fact that you use a general, and well-structured, format when covering the different decks – it makes it easier to go back and read a specific section again.

    • Stonekeep HSP says:

      Thanks for the comment! We thought that releasing them in consistent format will be easier for both you and us. For us, because we’re gonna be able to edit them whenever meta changes, new cards are added etc. without rewriting them all over again. And for you, because of the easy access and clear form.

      We try to consantly develop the site. We want it to be the best for both free and premium users. So if you guys have any suggestions, feel free to comment and say what you’d like to see.