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February 2, 2017

MUA: Tempo Warrior vs. N’zoth Paladin


Tempo Warrior is one of the best midrange decks in the current meta. It is fast, has plenty of removal, and contains some of the strongest minions around. If you want to take it to ladder you need to know how to combat other popular decks. One of those is N’zoth Paladin, the premier control deck in the format. While this is not an easy matchup, this guide will show the different ways Tempo Warrior can use their strong minions and quick burst to wear their opponent down.

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  1. hmmmpie says:

    Joseph, I’ve been doing a lot of tempo warrior lately. Any plans to do MUAs on some of the warrior matchups?

    Also, do you still like black knight/harrison? I always find useful ways to use whirlwinds and especially frothing berserker still wins some games on its own. Black knight seems strong, but not I’m not sure about harrison, with seemingly fewer double doomhammer shammies running around.

    • Joseph says:

      Yeah, I would say that Harrison has definitely dropped in value. TBK still seems very strong and I think he still works. Whirlwind is very good right now and I would find a spot for two. Also, I always do the same class matchups at the end of the MUA, so should be next week.

      • HmmmPie says:

        Oh! Just resigned up for premium so didn’t know there was a pattern on Mua releases. Awesome thanks for the articles. Saw a couple more come out this morning!