Welcome! These are a curated list of links and articles that I hope are useful to those just started playing this amazing game. If you know any excellent links/guides that should go here as well, please let us know! This resource is a all about helping new players and building a Hearthstone new players guide so you can get started in Hearthstone.

  1. Ten Tips & Steps on Becoming a Better Hearthstone Arena Player
  2. Hearthstone 101 by darhoth
  3. Ihmo’s Guide on Building Budget Decks
  4. Where to begin in Hearthstone?
  5. The Beginner’s Guide to Hearthstone by Khalanil
  6. A Beginner’s Guide to Hearthstone Terms by Hayl_Storm
  7. Combo and Synergy in Hearthstone
  8. Important tips by iCritical
  9. Starting Stone #1: Six Steps to an Ultimate Deck by curi
  10. Starting Stone #2: The Best Free Neutral Cards by curi
  11. Starting Stone #3: Your First Crafts by curi
  12. Hearthstone Tricks you may want to know about!
  13. Basic Decks for all classes by Trump
  14. Hearthstone for Beginners
  15. The Three Competing Resources: Tempo, Card Advantage, and Hero Life by Sar

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