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February 2, 2017

The New Standard: Karazhan Edition! (Beast Druid)


This week I want to sit down and have a very serious investigation into a topic that has been bugging me for the past two weeks: what the hell happened to Beast Druid? The deck was supposed to destroy the metagame and since the release of Karazhan it has completely disappeared. I mean completely and utterly gone. I’m not really sure why this is, especially because I don’t think the deck is bad. In fact, I think it’s kinda good. As a result, I wanted to break it down and take an in-depth look at the different pieces of Beast Druid to get an idea of how it’s built. I’ve had some success with this so far and I’m beginning to think this may be a case of a deck that isn’t bad, but is perceived as so. Let’s find out.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good comments. Yeah, I am not sure it will hit tier one, but it is definitely capable of reaching legend. At least, feels that way to me.

  2. hearthwok25 says:

    Hey Joseph. Like always, a great article of very high quality. Keep up the good work for this site.

    I had great hopes for this decktype after Kharazan. Sadly, it suffers from some great problems that will prevent it from ever being a tier 1 deck in the current state.

    -very unreliable card draw.. Mark o Y´Shaarj is good, still it comes with the ” laying too much eggs in one basket effect” – // Azure Drake: very often you find yourself in a situation, where Azure Drake is just too slow to play and too easely removed (hunter, rogue, zoo) // Kurator: I found out that its either a “win more” card or that he comes too late to change things.

    – it loses nearly every time vs decks with a fixed gameplan/win condition and tons of removal ( Anyfin paladin, most control warrior types) Cards like brawl, doomsayer/freeze, pyro/equality just totally wreck this deck. Also extremely vulnerable to tempo mage, though i have to admit it depends largely on their starting hand in this matchup.

    – Lack of hard single removal ( Flamewreathed, Arcane Giant, sea giant, ramp druid shenanigans..)

    – Lack of comeback mechanisms: Extremely frustrating vs zoo.

    This deck can be a lot of fun, if youre really nice on curve and copying that stranglethorn tiger on turn 6 is often gg. Still the vulnerability to not-preventable AOE and the problems named above make it somewhat hard to get a high winrate.