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February 2, 2017

The New Standard: Karazhan Edition! (Minion-less Druid)


Buckle up boys and girls. This week we are going in. The last wing of Karazhan dropped and we now have the whole set at our fingertips. I knew that I wanted to really play something crazy, but I wasn’t sure which direction that was going to go in. Secret Mage, Discard Warlock and All-Armor Warrior were all calling my name. I even thought about messing around with Prince Malchezaar. However, as I began to explore the different decks I found many of them were not fun and, more importantly, a lot of them were bad. I mean really bad. Like “say hi to rank 20 for me” bad. As such, I quickly went back to the drawing board and looked over the Karazhan cards in my collection. The two cards that most caught my eye were Moonglade Portal and . That got me thinking about a minion-less Druid list, which led me to this week’s deck.

Yogg Druid has been around for a long time. As a result, I wanted to take the build and really make it feel it different. While almost every list has either been strict combo like Maly or token-based with Violet Teacher, I just wanted to (mostly) take minions out of the picture. Though not every minion is gone (the list actually runs six) being able to cut back on those cards and pack in more spells really helps with the consistency and helps you go long. More removal is always welcome in a list like this, especially because a lot of it will eventually become minions. That is very powerful and something I haven’t seen before. The new “portal package” really comes in handy and allows the old shell to travel in a brand new direction.

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  1. direna says:

    Well, I had nice results non-ladder, fun to play.

    But on ladder, this is really really worse. Hunters, Resurrect-Priests (silly and auto-concede), Zoo (Loss on Turn 6 or 7, even with 2 Starfalls…) and Beast-Druids (Loss on Turn 5!) are ruining your day.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s odd. Hunter can be touch, but my Zoo and Druid matchups are really good.