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February 2, 2017

The New Standard: Season 1, Episode 2 (Renounce Darkness)


What wonders a week does. One of my favorite things about deck building is how fun it is to tweak and change a deck as time moves on. Sometimes those are big sweeping changes, such as altering the core of the deck or going with a new finisher, and sometimes it is a series of small tweaks. I find the small tweaks much more fun and engaging, because they show that you understand the deck and meta. Last week I set out to create a shell with Renounce Darkness that I could tweak and start to refine as the weeks went on. However, as mentioned last time, this deck has been much more successful that I initially planned. The control shell is very strong, especially in the meta with so much aggro running around, and the two-tiered attack works very well at hitting the meta from both sides. On one hand you have all of the removal you need to keep up with the faster decks, but you also have the N’zoth package to handle control (not to mention the random wins you are going to get with Renounce Darkness). I am not saying this is perfect or in the final iteration, but there are less tweaks than I planned. Even so, the small changes are always very important, and explaining the shifts I made is key to understanding the deck as a whole.

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  1. rorrak88 says:

    Going to give this deck a try, it looks fun, and technical which I enjoy.
    Your write up and videos really are very helpful in understanding the thinking.

    One tip. If you could have a “View Deck” option like some of the other pages on this site that would be awesome because it allows HDT to capture the deck quickly. It’s not huge but would be a nice to have.

  2. fritzxp says:

    great stuff! the deck looks amazing and like it should never become boring to play. i tested it today and it was great fun and actually performed very well.
    btw since ur talking about it twice in the video – i am pretty sure imp gang boss says: “ha! stop yelling!!” 😉

    • Joseph says:

      Thanks, always happy to provide good content. And, that’s what it is?? Haha. Literally had no idea.

  3. gradde says:

    Can you add the updated deck ? I like the first version too but whant to try with the changes :)