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February 2, 2017

Nuba’s Quick Brew – TGT Dragon Priest! Start Playing at Release!


The Grand Tournament is just around the corner, and with it, thousands of new possibilities have just arrived!

I loved what we’ve seen from the Grand Tournament so far – not only the cards seem to be a lot more consistent than prior expansions, they seem to be overall more directed to what Hearthstone really is than other expansions were. Now new decks are able to be born, but also old decks that weren’t that good are capable of existing and being competitive because of this expansion.

Brewing new deck is, to me, the most fun aspect of Hearthstone, so I hope you all enjoy the decklists! These are decklists that I think that are a good baseline to start testing the deck once the expansion hits. With playtesting and tweaking, we can then refine and tune the deck to the meta and make it more consistent. I’ll be showcasing 4 decks with a short summary each.

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  1. dukeofyork says:

    I haven’t had much luck with it – very slow starting – no 2-cost minions. It gets creamed by any fast deck. I’d like to see some other opinions, but I don’t see it as competitive right now.

  2. balboski says:

    I have tried this deck out and have been very successful with it. Even though the whelp has worked out for me, I am curious to try your idea of swapping it with faerie dragon. The whelp actually works better with wyrmrest agent, though because you can curve it without the coin.

    I agree, it would be nice getting Thaurissian in there and he probably is a better fit than Paletress, but I have been doing pretty well with her and actually keeping her alive because of my taunting minions. She is just fun to use, too. But you are probably right Thaurissian might be better for this deck.

    I was actually very impressed with Trueheart. I didn’t think she was going to work either, but boy was I wrong. Being able to heal either yourself for 4 totally screws aggro and healing your minions for 4 can cause problems for control and midrange. I am curious how good she is for the other classes.

    Chillmaw and Lightbane were also a lot better than I thought. You can get some great value from Lightbane with all of the 2-1s and Chillmaw shuts down aggro hard. Overall I think this deck has a lot of potential with some tweaks.

  3. Smashthings says:

    What advantages to you think the whelp has over something like Faerie Dragon?

    I know its a 2/3 1 drop in this deck but I’m thinking that if you have a Wrymrest agent in hand your not gonna play the Whelp on turn 1.

    So maybe the bigger cost/stats on Faerie is more relevant?

    Okay sure, you can’t drop velens or heal it, but its also the case that it cant be wrath’d either.

    I also think that with Paltress in the deck maybe trying to find room for Thuarissan and/or Fencing Coach might be a good idea.

    I’m also somewhat Sceptical Trueheart is going to work out in this deck.