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February 2, 2017

Nuba’s Quick Brew – TGT Midrange Hunter! No Aggro! No Aggro!


The Grand Tournament is just around the corner, and with it, thousands of new possibilities have just arrived!

I loved what we’ve seen from the Grand Tournament so far – not only the cards seem to be a lot more consistent than prior expansions, they seem to be overall more directed to what Hearthstone really is than other expansions were. Now new decks are able to be born, but also old decks that weren’t that good are capable of existing and being competitive because of this expansion.

Brewing new deck is, to me, the most fun aspect of Hearthstone, so I hope you all enjoy the decklists! These are decklists that I think that are a good baseline to start testing the deck once the expansion hits. With playtesting and tweaking, we can then refine and tune the deck to the meta and make it more consistent. I’ll be showcasing 4 decks with a short summary each.

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  1. uduse_ says:

    I would replace 2 webspinners for shredder, higher win rate for Elekk, and we need more 4 drops.

  2. impper says:

    Interesting deck concept! It feels like the deck will be a lot more reactive, but have strong tempo at the same time. I love the idea of inevitable boom/highmane draws with Elekk.

    I just wonder if there’s enough juice in the mid-game to not get run over. It’s also confusing thinking of how this will play out against control decks