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October 23, 2017

Table of Contents

OTK Priest
Class Cards (22)
Circle of Healing 0
Binding Heal 1
Northshire Cleric 1
Power Word: Shield 1
Holy Smite 1
Spirit Lash 2
Shadow Visions 2
Mind Blast 2
Shadow Word: Death 3
Mass Dispel 4
Priest of the Feast 4
Raza the Chained 5
Dragonfire Potion 6
Prophet Velen 7
Shadowreaper Anduin 8
Neutral Cards (8)
Wild Pyromancer 2
Bloodmage Thalnos 2
Acolyte of Pain 3
Twilight Drake 4
Elise the Trailblazer 5
Skulking Geist 6

Mana Curve

2 0
7 1
8 2
3 3
4 4
2 5
2 6
2 7

Attack Curve

16 0
5 1
0 2
4 3
2 4
2 5
0 6
1 7

Health Curve

15 0
2 1
2 2
4 3
0 4
3 5
3 6
1 7

OTK Raza Priest Guide

Priest has been one of the most dominant classes of the Knights of the Frozen Throne meta because of how powerful the synergies between Raza the Chained and Shadowreaper Anduin are if you have a lot of cheap cards in your deck. This deck is not a highlander deck and it seeks to utilise some duplicate cards as well. The goal of the deck is the same as Highlander lists – to burst down your opponent with your Death Knight hero power over multiple turns. But this deck seeks to include more AOE spells and draw power to consistently draw into your Raza and finish off your opponent with Prophet Velen combos.

Card Choices

Circle of Healing: Circle of Healing exists in the deck only to fuel Pyromancer combos or to enable mass draw effects with Northshire Cleric. This deck does not run Auchenai Soulpriest for the card to be used as a combo tool to deal four damage to all minions. It is also a very good card that works with Shadowreaper Anduin for free damage.

Binding Heal: Binding Heal is a great tool to work with Wild Pyromancer as it allows you to set the minion back to full health and play more spells to chain more spells with the card.

Holy Smite: It allows you to burst down your opponent from almost full HP when used with Prophet Velen and Holy Smite. The goal of the deck is to draw into Raza and Anduin quickly and then do the following: Hero Power > Prophet Velen > Hero Power > Holy Smite > Hero Power > Mind Blast > Hero Power. It deals a total of 28 damage in one turn for 10 mana.

Northshire Cleric: A solid card draw tool if you manage to make the card stick. Ideally, you want to draw at least one card but with Circle of Healing and Spirit Lash in the deck you can create some crazy card draw turns and get to your win condition very quickly.

Power Word: Shield: A very efficient card draw tool that allows you to draw through your deck quickly and it’s quite good at helping you get value out of your Northshire Cleric and Acolyte of Pain early in the game.

Bloodmage Thalnos: Bloodmage Thalnos has synergies with your spells and it also includes card draw for just two mana. Using it with Spirit Lash can quickly heal you up for a ton of health depending on the board state.

Mind Blast: Mind Blast is a burst damage tool to be used with Prophet Velen once you have Raza and Shadowreaper set up.

Shadow Visions: Shadow Visions allows you to look for spells you need in any given situation. It can also enable an alternate win condition once you play Else, by drawing additional packs and outvaluing your opponent.

Spirit Lash: A very good anti-aggro tech tool and it also enables a ton of crazy combos with Wild Pyromancer if you can make your Wild Pyromancer survive through multiple spells by buffing or healing it.

Wild Pyromancer: One of the enablers for multiple AOE combos in the deck through cards like Circle of Healing, Binding Heal among many others. You ideally want to have a fair idea of what cards your opponent is running before committing to a Wild Pyromancer turn.

Acolyte of Pain: A card draw tool that is easy to get value out of in this deck thanks to buffs and damage sources being available to you so you can get to your Raza and Anduin combos faster.

Shadow Word: Death: We run only one copy of the card despite most decks running multiple copies of this card because of our focus on AOE spells. You can cut out either of the tech cards Twilight Drake or Skulking Geist to make room for another copy of this spell if you need to depending on the meta.

Mass Dispel: Mass Dispel is a card draw tool and a mass silence spell packed into one. It is particularly good against decks that run buffs. It is particularly good against Tempo Rogue’s minions if they have been buffed by Keleseth. It shuts down Murloc and Pirate synergies as well.

Priest of the Feast: Priest of the Feast is a solid 4 drop that’s hard to remove and it also serves as a powerful healing tool with so many cheap spells in the deck that can potentially help you heal massive amounts in single turns.

Twilight Drake: This is more of a tech card to combat Priest and Druid as they have no real means of removing the card efficiently. You can swap out the card if you feel you aren’t getting too many of the respective matchups where the card performs exceptionally well.

Elise the Trailblazer: The card serves as an alternate win condition if you save your Shadow Visions after you play Elise to outvalue your opponent using your Elise packs.

Raza the Chained: One of the core combo pieces in the deck. You definitely do not want to misplay the card without checking if it is active or not.

Dragonfire Potion: Dragonfire Potion is a highly powerful board clear for the midgame that can wipe out boards very handily. Since you run only one copy of the card you need to be careful about not being baited out by decks that like to flood the board without having backup AOE clears in hand.

Skulking Geist: Skulking Geist is a tech tool to combat decks like Jade Druid and Evolve Shaman. You ideally want to hold off from using the card unless you absolutely must. A lot of the time you might have your win condition ready in hand with a ton of burst damage potential.

Prophet Velen: Prophet Velen allows you to potentially OTK your opponent if you put together all of the pieces needed. You can push a lot of burst damage regardless with multiple cheap cards in the deck allowing you to go for lethal once you play Prophet Velen almost always.

Shadowreaper Anduin: One of the strongest cards in the entire meta, the card allows you to push a crazy amount of damage every turn if you have your deck built around Anduin as one of your primary win conditions.

Deck Code



High Priority

  • Bloodmage Thalnos
  • Northshire Cleric
  • Acolyte of Pain

Low Priority

  • Spirit Lash
  • Wild Pyromancer
  • Shadow Visions


This is a unique take on Raza Priest with duplicates thrown in. The deck is by Rainbuckets8 who hit top 500 Legend with the deck this season. I’ve been having a lot of fun with the list and its crazy burst damage turns are very fun to pull off.

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I am Abhimannu from India, I've been playing Hearthstone since December 2014 and have hit Legend on numerous occasions in the past. I enjoy playing Rogue, Warrior and Warlock a lot and am always trying to reinvent out of meta decks to make them viable.

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  1. Pierre Pradal says:

    One of the most original take on Raza Priest I’ve ever seen. What a build! Inspired by it I’ve made my own wild version of the deck and currently playtest it on wild ladder. It works good.

  2. Courtney Pewitt says:

    This should prove to be interesting. I foresee several casual games ahead of me, but will definitely gone this deck a go!