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February 2, 2017

Warsong Funeral – Brews to Play this Week!


Hello everyone! 😀 This is a very happy week for the Hearthstone gaming community indeed. The Patron nightmare is finally over, and now we are finally able to play more consistent decks that were easily counterable by Patron Warrior. Since we haven’t had any update in lists yet, I once again am going to present you guys to personal builds of mine.

The lists I am going to be posting today are not only decent brews, they were tested and done taking in consideration a Post-Patron ladder, so a lot of cards that you see in these decks that you didn’t see before are related to this new metagame that we are facing.

For example, since Patron is gone we are now bound to see a lot more Hunters in the ladder, so we better be prepared for a Hunter metagame, another good example is that now we are bound to see less Handlocks, more Mech Mage, more Secret Paladin, less Midrange Druid, etc etc etc, all of this can be found on Modorra’s lastest article: Winners and Losers in Post Patron Metagame

There are, however, a couple of things that I disagree with his line of thought, like I still believe Control Warrior to be a very strong deck in today’s metagame given its ability to deal with Aggro, but overall I liked what I saw written there!

Anyway, to today’s decklists!

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  1. hearthwok25 says:

    Hey Nuba, thx for sharing.

    I tried the Demon Deck at Lvl~5-4, 6 games, 6 losses. While i really like the concept, it simply isnt consistent enough in the current meta. You find yourself far too often with a clunky hand, forced to discard other key cards that you actually need. There were some good openings, but mainly due to the good old nerubian egg getting triggered. Tiny Knight of Evil would maybe be playable if it was a 2-3, but as it is right now, it gets easely removed even after a buff.

    Why no flare in the Midrange Hunter, when every second matchup is Secret Paladin ++ Tempo Mage and Hunters running secrets?

  2. kruul27 says:

    Thanks for another great article Nuba. I feel the same way about Secret Pally. I’ve been working on a golden pally, so I figured eh I’ll just play Secret pally and rank up and rack up on the wins now that Patron is gone, but it just doesn’t feel very good anymore. I like the midrange pally list you put together, I’m definitely going to be trying it out tonight.

    I like the Dragon Priest list, it looks really good, and I’ll definitely give it a try as well. I like the deathless addition, and I have this game pictured in my head of a pally killing a deathlords and then it summoning one of their Mysterious Challengers, and then just knocking it out with Shadow Word Death. That would be pretty epic lol.

    I have a question for you. I know your a pretty big shaman fan, and I’ve been seeing more and more on the ladder lately. Do you think there are any consistent shaman decks out there right now? Of course the big problem now is that MidRange shaman is the bane of Shaman so I’m wondering if we might see even less Shaman play. Thoughts?

    • Nuba says:

      The last Shaman I posted on the “decks to play” from a couple of days ago is an awesome list!

  3. noirlapin says:

    Tried your Demon Aggro Zoo in casual, Nuba. Man, I really wanted it to work because I’m looking for a Warlock deck that’s not just another flavor of Handlock. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I went 0-4. Face Hunter, Mid-range Druid, Dragon Priest, and Secret Pally. All of ’em soundly trounced me. Wasn’t even a contest. Couldn’t contest the board. Couldn’t do face damage. Early game was weak unless I had egg and an activator. Not enough tempo to rush them. Ran out of steam quickly if I had any discards in my opening hand, but you need them in hand because . . .

    The Tiny Knight of Evil is only possibly viable if you drop him on an empty board and have a soul fire and succubus in hand and the one doesn’t discard the other. If you can’t boost him twice he can still be killed by most two drops or cheap burn. And it has to be early game because the likelihood of you having all three in hand in the mid or late game is low b/c you usually only have two to three cards and you’d need at least 5 or more to ensure, once again, that you didn’t discard one with the other. And even if you DID have all three cards and managed to discard the right ones, you’d still have to discard even more cards for it not to die easily to the bigger brutes out there.

    I guess the dream would be a turn 5 Tiny, hope it survives and then turn 6 Doomguard with Soulfire and two other cards. 33% chance of 11 damage out of nowhere if you’re lucky. 7 if not (by discarding the Soulfire). If you delayed it another turn and added a Power Overwhelming and still had two other cards for discarding, I guess you’d have a 25% chance of doing 15 damage from an empty board, 50% of dealing 11, and 25% of still only dealing 7.

    So . . . a 2 turn, 9 mana 4 card combo that requires an additional three cards and has a one in four chance of dealing 1 more damage than a 4 mana fireball. And the minion you cast PO on dies at the end. So approx half your investment is gone while leaving your hand empty. That’s pretty grim.

    Yeesh, I really think Blizzard is seriously undervaluing the impact of a discard. Tiny needs more than a +1/+1 to have any real value. BUT, +2/+2 seems overpowered. Soul fire and a succubus and you’d have a 7/6, a 4/3 and 4 burn damage to clear the board on turn 3. Waaaaaay too good. +1/+2 also is pretty killer. a 5/6 isn’t much less dangerous on turn 3. Honestly, I think the best way to balance it would be to make it a 2/3 instead of a 3/2. That way one discard makes it a Spider tank, a respectable 3 mana drop that cost 2 mana and a card,* which can trade favorably with two drops if not dealt with immediately. Another discard and it’s a 4/5, which still seems fairly balanced. A 4 mana yeti for 2 mana and 2 cards.*

    Huh, kinda looks like a sort of very limited (only one minion available) ramping up at the cost of one random card per mana for one mana’s worth of value. The random cards makes it a calculated risk. Sometimes you may just lose an abusive. But is it worth the Boom?

    Seriously, I wonder what Blizzard’s reasoning was for not doing this. It still seems a little weak overall (because discards can really add up, crippling the late game) but at least it’s actually a playable trade-off for a stronger early game.

    And I’m totally rambling now. Lovely idea for a deck. Sorry I couldn’t make it work. I’d love to see video of you playing a few games to see how you do it.

    – n

    * – Not counting cost and effects of the cards that cause the discard.

    • Nuba says:

      Thats the thing, this is a “rush” deck with a couple of combos to make it good. I had a pretty good winrate with it when I was playtesting it (and it was on ranked, not casual, I never playtest stuff on casual because its too… random), these are the games I played:
      secret pala: 1 win
      mid hunter: 1 win
      mid druid: 1 loss
      warr control: 2 wins, 1 loss
      freeze mage: 1 loss
      mech mage: 1 win
      oil rogue: 1 win

  4. kuhldaran says:

    Any estimate (or data) of Dragon Priest’s win% vs Secret Pally?

  5. mishkin says:

    No flare?

  6. spacehorse says:

    I’m going to give that aggro zoo a try for sure!

  7. andianden says:

    Hey Nuba. I run a very similar Midrange Paladin deck. But why choose Sen’jin Shieldmasta over
    Piloted Shredder?
    thx Andreas