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February 2, 2017

Portal Druid Guide: Enter the Moonglade


Hey guys, Abhimannu here to present you yet another Druid deck. It’s a mid range build that has lots of high value minions and enough sustain to get you to the lategame. It has been doing quite well for me on the EU ladder and I am using it right now for my grind to legend. It’s a variation of Yogg Druid with plenty of lategame power and instead of going for the Token style build I decided to push in a bit more ramp and cycle to get to our explosive lategame instead while having all the defensive tools you need. You have Arcane Giant, Medivh, the Guardian and Yogg-Saron, Hope's End for the lategame while cards like Druid of the Claw, Moonglade Portal and Ancient of War help you keep your health pool safe versus any aggressive deck.

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  1. direna says:

    Just made 2 games, both with concedes:
    First game: Resurrect Priest with 2 x SW:D, 1 Mindvision -> Concede
    Second Game: C’Thun Druid with 15/15 C’Thun on T8 and 28 dmg in T9 – Concede

    How to avoid Games like this?

    • direna says:

      Tempo Mage: Concede Turn 8, Murloc-Pala: Concede

      Well, it may be a good deck, but for me it is unplayable.

      • direna says:

        Here are some replays, maybe I did something wrong. The Innervate + Mire Keeper on T2 against the Mage is certainly a missplay:

        Vs. Mage:

        Vs.C’Thun Druid:

        Vs. Ressurect Priest:

        If you have the time, maybe you can look for the failures I made.


        • direna says:

          Oh, and yes: I haven’t started laddering yet…

          • Abhimannu says:

            Sorry for the late reply. Saw the comments today.

            The Tempo Mage game was just one sided, not much to do there because you did not draw your cheap removals. It was just unlucky, Mire Keeper for Ramp would be better.

            Vs. the Druid. Coin hero power for killing a sapling was not necessary at all. You could go for a turn 2 Druid of the Claw play. He did not have the proper resources to deal with it going by his hand. In mirrors, if a Druid plays Roots, there’s no need to coin hero power to kill saplings. The minimal damage is fine and the coin is a bit more valuable than 1 HP.

            Vs. Priest, Nourish for ramp was better since you had some big minions incoming right after. Vs Priest try to apply pressure through ramp and keep dropping threat after threat because they WILL run out of removal. There are times I just let them use their removal repeatedly and then drop Arcane Giants and they end up having no answer for them. Also, if they do not have board presence Uproot your Ancient of War because it’s going to be soaked up by hard removal anyway and a 5/10 or 10/5 doesn’t matter unless of course there’s a Auchenai into Flash Heal play (most lists run Pyromancer + Smite combos these days and they’ve cut out Auchenai mostly in Resurrect lists).

            You mentioned you did not start laddering, no wonder you faced Priests who run Mind Control. It’s definitely not a card you will see higher up the ladder and it’s awkward to deal with such non meta cards for sure. You would be able to win the Priest game if you ramped for sure. The Druid game would be done and over with if you went for an early Claw. Druids have a hard time dealing with 5+ health minions and he didn’t have anything noteworthy.

            I do not recommend keeping Innervate if you do not have Roots/Wrath unless you have a strong play. Vs Mage you definitely want your removals more than developing early threats because things like Cult Sorcerer and Arcane Blast deal with mid game minions quite easily.