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April 10, 2018

Top Ten Cards from The Witchwood We Are Looking Forward To!

With all of the cards revealed by Ben Brode and Day9 in the final reveal stream yesterday, we have now seen every card from the expansion. If you want to check out the live stream, check out the video link below for the latest reveals and a few really funny games.

We are very excited for the expansion. Not just for the new cards, but also because of the set rotation which should shake up the meta and make the game feel fresh. Here are some of the cards we are looking forward to the most. We picked one card from each class and one from the neutral slot to compile this list. This is a personal list and in by no means a compilation of what we deem to be the best cards of the expansion.

Witching Hour: One of the coolest cards in the expansion and it has some insane potential. If you have limited beasts in your deck, you can get some crazy value out of this 3-mana card. One of the best synergies we can think of is Witchwood Grizzly. For 3 mana you can pull out a 3/12 Taunt, which is pretty insane against aggressive decks.

If you want to try something even cooler, consider having Hadronox as your only beast in the deck and Naturalize it for a crazy board of Taunt minions. Of course, this is a very slow combo, but it does seem like a lot of fun!

Wing Blast: Wing Blast seems like a great removal tool for Hunter. It is not fancy in any way when it comes to its effect, but it seems like a solid card on paper. Hunter right now doesn’t have the best removal spells in the game against decks that like to flood the board.  This card could definitely help Spell Hunter and Mid-Range Hunter a lot.

Archmage Arugal: One of the cooler legendaries in the set. It is technically a Chromaggus but for minions only and a much lower mana cost. Could a minion-heavy Mage deck become viable? Only time will tell. With something like Book of Specters, you can draw up to 6 minions with Arugal on board!

We expect to see plenty of Elemental decks trying out the card or more aggressive Zoo-ish lists. I, for one, will try it out with mechs and Archmage Antonidas in Wild. With Spare Parts being able to give you spells for Antonidas, you don’t need to run too many spells in your deck.

Paragon of Light: This card makes it to the list simply for its design. This card activates its effect even if you don’t use hand buff cards. You can use anything from minion-based buffs to spells to activate its effect. Hopefully, we get to see more of such cards in the coming sets.

Chameleos: This is very reminiscent of Shifter Zerus, and it may or may not be viable. But, being able to get information on what your opponent has in hand is a really cool effect. While it may be a gimmick and not be worth a card slot (or it may be one of the sleeper cards of the set), I really like the design of the card. It fits the theme of Priest in Hearthstone and what they do.

Tess Greymane: A less crazy version of Yogg-Saron that you have control over. While Thief Rogue never made it big, cards like Hallucination and Swashburglar made it into a bunch of decks. A Tempo / Thief Hybrid deck might be strong enough in Wild with plenty of cheap cards available in the format to get cards from your opponent’s class.  The more you commit to Thief effects in your deck, the crazier the card can get. We do recommend not going too overboard with steal/thief effects as it can make your deck clunky.

Rogue performs the best at the start of expansions with a lot of people running greedy decks. The class can be very punishing against such decks and can get you plenty of free wins.

Shudderwock: Shudderwock is my favorite legendary of the expansion by far. It can do some ridiculous things for a variety of decks. In Wild, you can have a Deathrattle deck with N’zoth and little to no Battlecry minions to make Shudderwock basically a second N’zoth.

You can play him in Jade Shaman and summon 6 extra Jade Golems which can push up to over 100 points of damage if you have all the Jade cards as well as effects to double your battlecries or return your Jade Claws to your hand. In Standard, there are plenty of strong battlecries with Elementals (be careful about the ones that deal damage though, things can be very random!) and of course your hero cards – Thrall and Hagatha.

Lord Godfrey: A powered up Defile that can be devastating as an AOE if you have a board and can reduce the health of a minion to 2, then this becomes a 7 mana Flamestrike with a 4/4 body attached with the potential of dealing even more damage.

Deadly Arsenal: Blood Razor is the weapon of choice for Warrior right now in Fatigue decks. Control Warrior has been dead for quite some time and if Control Warrior does make a comeback, then this could be a good fit in the deck. Even if you choose to put in Fiery War Axe in your deck, it deals 3 damage for 6 mana to all minions which is not bad considering Control Warrior isn’t known to have too many low health minions that would die to the effect anyway.

Dollmaster Dorian:  What could be the Barnes of the expansion. Dollmaster Dorian has plenty of cool interactions with cards like Sense Demons (extra copies of Voidlord anyone?) and gang-up. It can be good in deathrattle decks or decks with lots of aura effects. It is definitely a card we’re keeping an eye out for because it’s only a matter of time someone finds out all the cool combos possible with it.

These are our picks for the latest expansion. Let us know what cards you are looking forward to us in the comments below!


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    Has anyone noticed that with Dollmaster you can play Divine Favor then draw like 6 cards and fill your board?