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Jimmy HSP

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July 5, 2014

Top Ten Tips to Becoming a Better Hearthstone Arena Player

Arena is a big part of the Hearthstone Experience – offering players a way to obtain great rewards by testing their drafting and playing skills against other opponents.


Become familiar with all the cards in Hearthstone. This may seem obvious but some players dive right into Arena without knowing all the cards, it’s usefulness in different contexts and how it synergizes with other cards. The best place to browse Hearthstone cards? Over to our card database 


How can you know which card to draft when you’re not sure what each mechanic does and/or how to utilize them? So jump in and read Moonbear’s A Beginner’s Guide to Hearthstone Mechanics.


So now you know all the cards and how they work – now you need to know which cards to pick, depending on not only your Hero, but your mana curve, spell vs. minion distribution etc.

AntiGrav1ty’s Spreadsheet on Card Ranks (post)

Trump’s Arena Card Ranking

Arena Draft Guide for New Players


No questions. Just read these 2 articles and you’re halfway there.

Vivafringe’s Guide to Arena

The Arena: A Guide to the Not-So Obvious by Ben


Sar wrote a 3 part article that discusses the 3 resources of Hearthstone (and it’s not Mana! Not entirely anyway).

It’s a must read – it will help you understand when to go for the opponent’s face, when to trade, and what to play (spell vs. minion).

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


There are a lot of great streams that stream Arena – not only do you see how they draft and play, but they also say out loud their thought process and their reasoning. Here are some good streams to watch:

TrumpSC, Kripp and StrifeCro.


Since Blizzard does not offer in game tracking of your stats and performance, there are a lot of tools springing up that helps you does just that! Here are some of them:

Hearthstone Arena Stats Spreadsheet created by wdalright

Hearth Tracker a download that tracks your stats automatically.

TIP #8, #9 and #10

Still thinking about which points to bring up for these 3 tips. Have an idea or suggestion? Comment below!


Hopefully these tips and links will help you on becoming a better Arena play and achieve that elusive Infinite Arena Run streak!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Tips for a random game?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi, The Arena: A Guide to the Not-So Obvious link does not work. Try to find but didn´t on google.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The link for Hearthtracker needs to be re-checked due to domain name expiration. (: Just thought I would give a heads up.

  4. Dan says:

    Here’s a tip!

    At the start of every turn before you do anything:
    1)Take note of the board, your hand, opponent’s hand
    2) Plan a best course of action (Remember that the more cards in hand the more options for each player if his/her opponent gains an advantage!)
    3) Take note of weaknesses, can they be avoided?
    4) Think through a different plan
    5) Compare and see what’s best
    6) Play out your turn, end turn.
    7) Plan what you’ll do next turn, taking note of what opponent could do and what he is doing as you wait for your turn.
    8) Draw a card, Return to step 1.

  5. Can you talk about what to do if the arena has seen fit to not give you good choices for many of the cards? I can’t make the game give me good cards. How do you play with terrible cards that you have to take because they are less terrible than the other options?

  6. currios says:

    Also a tool like the Hearthstone progress Tracker helps to improve decks and the meta game of a player.

  7. PowerGlam says:

    Been following this guide for the arena and it helped me a lot. IMO you don’t need to spend any money to buy packs and all that jazz, you just have to be able to win many arena games and understand the metagame.

    • Haha! Great marketing idea…the link you provided just redirects to another site where you have to pay to be guided through Hearthstone!

      Two big Thumbs UP!!!

  8. Chris R says:

    Thanks Jimmy. Going to take a look at the linked resources and see if I can beat my best Arena run of 4.

  9. Tyler says:

    Nice list! Not sure if they’re worth additional numbers, but a couple possibilities come to mind. Never give up. There are so many times where either myself or my opponent has won the game with less than 5 health and been at that stage for many turns. Taking time during your turns and between games seem to help me too. What immediately might seem like the best play might not end up being so, especially if you already had planned your move before your card draw. And if I win, I try to think of why I won, what the turning points were. Same for a loss. And finally, learning to walk away when you start to go on tilt. When I make a stupid play and it costs me the game, I sometimes let that bother me so much that it carries into the next game and I’ll lose that one too. Taking a break to calm down has helped me a lot, though I’m sure some people don’t get bothered as much. I’m not that good at all, but have gotten myself up to a 5 win average, and even got my first 12 not too long ago.

  10. ADomiNation says:

    Great! This really helped me :) thanks tons.

  11. Jason says:

    Nice article, but the tip #5 give broken link, you may want to correct them.