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Last Updated

April 11, 2017

Caverns Rogue
Class Cards (14)
Backstab 0
Preparation 0
Shadowstep 0
Swashburglar 1
The Caverns Below 1
Eviscerate 2
Gadgetzan Ferryman 2
Mimic Pod 3
Neutral Cards (16)
Patches the Pirate 1
Southsea Deckhand 1
Fire Fly 1
Stonetusk Boar 1
Novice Engineer 2
Youthful Brewmaster 2
Tar Creeper 3
Igneous Elemental 3
Tol’vir Stoneshaper 4

Mana Curve

6 0
9 1
8 2
5 3
2 4
0 5
0 6
0 7

Attack Curve

10 0
10 1
6 2
4 3
0 4
0 5
0 6
0 7

Health Curve

10 0
8 1
4 2
4 3
0 4
4 5
0 6
0 7

Un’goro Brews: Cavern Rogue

The Rogue quest is one of the most seemingly difficult to pull off but the reward is extremely interesting. Unlike the other quests that are extremely linear, the Rogue quest is quite unique. We barely need any Un’goro cards to get the quest completed with most tools to support the quest being already available to us!

However, while playing the deck you need to be wary of which cards you want to play 4 copies of. Even if you do not manage to pull it off successfully you have Flame  Elemental synergy to work on and with Fire Fly and Igneous Elemental offering you a total of 6 copies of Flame Elementals, you can get the quest done even without bounce effects.

Fire Fly and Igneous ElementalBoth of these cards generate Flame Elementals that you can use to get the quest done if you do not draw your bounce effects. They’re very efficient minions and also offer early game board presence.

Tar CreeperA great anti-aggro tool for dealing with aggresive decks and it also has Elemental synergy in the deck.

The Caverns Below: Since this card is a spell, it has synergy with Preparation and you can theoretically get your quest done as early as turn 4 if you have an extremely quest favored opening hand. With plenty of high value charge minions that you can bounce back to your hand and replay for a ton of damage, The Caverns Below is definitely one of the most interesting quest cards and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

We hope you enjoy the deck and if you have any suggestions, do let us know in the comments below. With only a day remaining for Un’goro to release – it’s finally time to try out all of the craziness the expansion has to offer.

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I am Abhimannu from India, I've been playing Hearthstone since December 2014 and have hit Legend on numerous occasions in the past. I enjoy playing Rogue, Warrior and Warlock a lot and am always trying to reinvent out of meta decks to make them viable.

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Leave a Reply

  1. Courtney Pewitt says:

    Funny how this deck and quest were eh when we put our comments up and ohhhhh, this deck is fantastic. Loving it :)

  2. Courtney Pewitt says:

    Just played this deck with a few tweaks that I may not keep b-c I now have a better understanding to why the cards are in this deck, this deck is awesome and so much fun to play it’s almost sick! Thanks for changing the list, well played!

  3. Courtney Pewitt says:

    That’s what I was thinking as I was reading, those things aren’t minions. However, are jade golems? And aren’t they the same minion just different attack? I’m working on a deck but was hoping to get some feedback on whether or not those will work or if you think it’s worth it with the reward the quest offers, I’ve not seen it in action yet.

    • Abhimannu says:

      Fixed the decklist (I thought it was ‘cards’ not minions at first glance). Jade Golems will not work since the quest requires you to ‘play’ the minions, not summon them.

      • Courtney Pewitt says:

        Ah, thank you very much! I knew it couldn’t be that simple!!! 😂

  4. John Guggenheimer says:

    Replace the 4 Razorpetal cards with the 2 Fire fly and 2 Igneous Elemental :)

    Quest is probably still gonna suck though 😀

    • Abhimannu says:

      Updated the decklist to work with the Elemental package. Quest is doing better than expected 😀

  5. Stonekeep says:

    I think you need to re-read what’s the requirement to finish the Quest Abhimannu, because this deck is not going to get you too far 😀

  6. Sacha Trianon says:

    Please. Razorpetals are not even counting for the quest which is requiring you to play 4 “minions” with the same name, not “cards”…

    • Abhimannu says:

      Thanks for correcting me, I thought the Quest was applicable for ‘cards’ and not specifically minions.