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Last Updated

February 2, 2017

Table of Contents

Updated Token
Class Cards (18)
Innervate 0
Power of the Wild 2
Wrath 2
Savage Roar 3
Keeper of the Grove 4
Swipe 4
Druid of the Claw 5
Force of Nature 5
Ancient of Lore 7
Neutral Cards (12)
Undertaker 1
Haunted Creeper 2
Loot Hoarder 2
Bloodmage Thalnos 2
Harvest Golem 3
Violet Teacher 4
Big Game Hunter 5
Azure Drake 5

Mana Curve

2 0
2 1
8 2
4 3
6 4
6 5
0 6
2 7

Attack Curve

12 0
5 1
5 2
2 3
4 4
2 5
0 6
0 7

Health Curve

12 0
2 1
5 2
2 3
5 4
4 5
0 6
0 7

Updated Naxxramas Token Druid

This is an update to my previous deck list and guide – the Legend Token Druid. Read more about it here.

The Update

After Naxxramas’ 4th week, I decided it was about time to modify the deck and give it a new twist.

After Plague Quarter had been unlocked on week 2, several players ran variations of the token druid archetype. I’ll link 3 for users to view:

You will notice the decks are very similar to each other.

Now that Week 4 is here, we’ll be making an update to it. The most obvious addition is the Undertaker!

ADAM THE AD already talked about a variant of my deck in an article of his: you can check it out here.

With the release of the Construct Quarter, there are great new additions to my version of Token Druid:

  • Undertaker I subbed 2x Argent Squire for 2x Undertaker; this guy gets buffed by Thalnos, Loot Hoarder and Harvest Golem, hence you can get a lot of value from him.
  • Haunted Creeper these little fellas have creeped their way into my deck because they are so hard to kill: they are just perfect for a token deck.
  • Loatheb Since week 2 he’s been included in almost every existing deck. He has such good stats for 5 mana and an incredibly annoying ability, that can seriously mess up your enemies’ plans. I’m still unsure if it’s worth dropping Azure Drake for him, though, since this deck benefits a lot from card draw.

Overall Changes to Previous Deck

I hope you guys like my newest version, be sure to let me know how you do with it. It’s definitely still Legend viable!

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Leave a Reply

  1. ngoctienvt says:

    Did u think Undertaker can’t take much value because there are not enough Deathrattle (less than four compare to Zoo because of Egg and Zombie)?

    • giordy says:

      There are actually 6 minions with deathrattle in the deck, hence he gets buffed pretty easily. I like him because he draws removal: if they don’t kill him he can get pretty big very soon.

      • ngoctienvt says:

        yah actually when I play, I didn’t have much him from turn 1 as well as turn 2 follow. But he still draw some removal and also can use to buff later. I will play more later and tell my eperience. I also feel sometimes out of card without Drake.

        • giordy says:

          Yeah, I’ve been considering re-adding the drake in Loatheb’s place. Let me know how the testing goes :)

    • Horst says:

      I experienced the same. undertaker has 2 significant weaknesses in this deck. 1. with only 6 deathrattles (yes, this is not many…) its not very likely that he grows very big in short time. IF at all. maybe you should test playing sludge belcher over the druid ans even cairne so that there is more grow potential)
      and 2. (and even more important) its an extremely lousy topdeck. if there is a neutral situation with several minions on the board (happens all the time) which cant be cleared in one turn you cannot play the undertaker as he will get killed really easy (in contrast to squire for example who has a second live)
      so yeah, its nice playing around with it in aggrodecks, but unless you put more deathrattle in it to utilize him more i think he is inferior to tested substitutes.