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December 30, 2016

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Weekly Hearthstone Roundup #3 (Dec 23 – Dec 29)

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Weekly Hearthstone Roundup is a series summarizing last week in Hearthstone. By making a compilation of the news regarding game, teams, pro players, ladder, community etc. we try to make catching up easier for those of you who don’t follow the HS news every day.

If you feel that we’ve missed something important or that we didn’t properly cite the source, let us know in the comments and we’ll fix it right away.

General/Game News


  • TempoStorm: Meta Snapshot #19 (December 25th) was released (Breakdown video) – Meta didn’t change much last week, this time Tempo Storm has decided to put 5 decks in Tier 1, which is very uncommon. Those decks are Aggro Shaman, Miracle Rogue, Midrange Shaman, Pirate Warrior and RenoLock. Reno Mage just outside of the Tier 1, along with Dragon Priest, Dragon Warrior and Control Warrior.
  • ViciousSyndicate: Data Reaper Report #31 was released – Aggro Shaman and Pirate Warrior still strongest decks overall on the ladder (Tier 1), followed by Dragon Priest, Midrange Shaman, Miracle Rogue, Dragon Warrior, Reno Mage and Midrange Jade Shaman (Tier 2). There was a slight shift in the Legend meta – Dragon Warrior dropped by a lot, while both Midrange Jade Shaman and Reno Mage raised by over 1%.
  • MetaStats: Meta Snapshot Week 51 (Dec 19 – Dec 25) was released – I feel like the sample size is still too small in this one. For example, they list Discard Zoo in top 3 decks right now based on a very small number of games. One thing that I really like about this Snapshot is the “Most Played Legendaries” Chart. I also like charts with archetype popularity over time. It might become my favorite meta snapshot once they get a bigger sample size.




If there are any more news from last week we might have missed, let us know in the comments. And, once again, if you have any suggestions for this series (or for the site in general!) we’d really appreciate if you’d let us know.

Good luck on the ladder and until next time!

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