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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Actual Midrange Shaman!


One of the most unfortunate parts of Hearthstone is other people. Of course, the game could not actually exist without other people, but it’s true. Sometimes, due to popular decks or public perception, your favorite class will take on a identity that you hate. Though I have spent more than 500 games with each class, my favorite by far is Shaman. I love the tempo build, I love the art, I love the mythology, and I love the way the class plays by adding cool minions to the board each turn. However, I despise what it has become. Not only is it the most popular class (something that makes me not want to play it), but it also has shifted to the pure-aggro variant that is pretty dull to play. However, this week we get a break from that and get back to Shaman’s roots.

This week’s list comes from mjjdota, who took Thrall to Legend by packing this deck full of ¬†good cards. I love midrange decks, especially when they have the power of the elements to guide them. While there are a lot of familiar elements that you are going to see in all Shaman lists, there is enough variation and cool inclusions that I wanted to cover this list in depth. Midrange Shaman is not an easy deck to play, and you can only pilot it well by thinking about the class in a different way. For instance, Tunnel Trogg is not going to be Mana Wyrm here, it’s going to be Zombie Chow. Totem Golem is much more for board control rather than damage and you want to look for value much more often than face. Just because this deck has all of the parts you know does not mean it is the same old, same old. I wouldn’t cover if it was.

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  1. RedRocket131 says:

    Ok, I have a subscription to the website so I can view everything on here. Please, will somebody help me by telling me where in the world the deck list is for this deck?!?!? I’m logged in so I don’t know what I’m overlooking here. Thanks to anybody who is willing to help me!

    • redrocket131 says:

      Omg!!! As soon as I posted the dang comment the freaking deck list revealed itself. Some kind of twilight zone thing going on here. So, never mind!! Thanks anyways! Well played website! ?

  2. jupiterbitch says:

    How can I replace Al’Akir?

    • mrdrprof says:

      Maybe a doom hammer?

      • Joseph says:

        Any big finisher will do the trick, or burst depending on what you need. In a control meta Doomhammer and Bloodlust work very well. For more threats, Ragnaros and the like.

  3. tylerrm says:

    Hello! Thank you for the the article, i thought a lot too about best actual midrange shaman deck. But why you are playing at rank 9 in video? Its much more better to see how strategy work vs skilled opponents that have legend or at least 1-5 ranks. At rank 9 you can play only on your mana and win the games (no matter what you deck consist off). Because skill level of players is really low.

    • Joseph says:

      Thanks! Just haven’t been grinding as much as I usually do this month is all. Will be at higher ranks for next week. Also, this video was recorded the weekend of the 12th so still quite early in the season as well.