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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Aggro Dragon Warrior


Aggro Warrior! Now, you may not be excited as I am (especially if you haven’t been playing this game as long as I have) but this is one of the first decks I ever had success with back when Reynad first took it to legend. However, it has been two years since that time, and everything has changed. Aggro Warrior is a very interesting style of face deck because it is a deck that operates on weapons rather than direct burn or minion combat. That makes it very weak to both taunts and healing, both of aggro’s kryptonites. That weakness is the number one reason the deck is no longer in the meta. When more solid taunts (Sludge Belcher) and heals (Antique Healbot) got released, the deck just couldn’t keep up. Now, that being said, just because something doesn’t work doesn’t mean it’s bad. Rather, it just needs a little tweaking to be good again. That is the approach that this week’s legend, Timmortal, took when sculpting this new dragon-heavy version of the classic list.

The most important rule of this deck is to remember to be the aggressor when playing this deck. While classic versions of Aggro Warrior were much more weapon-focused, this feels a little bit like a midrange deck due to the high number of minions (especially the three drops). This can sometimes cause you to lose focus on your gameplan. Clearing may seem like a good idea, but you almost never want to worry about the board when operating a deck so dependent on getting damage through with weapons. The only exception to that rule is when you need to protect some of your bigger minions. This deck runs a lot of powerful cards that take a turn to “charge” and you need to make sure they stay alive. In that way, this deck can either play the straight face strategy or a more tempo based face strategy. Just know that this deck is meant for the face and you need to always try to make the play that will give you the most damage at any given time. One point of health is often the difference between winning and losing.

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Leave a Reply

  1. masterofthese says:

    How does frothing have the highest ceiling? Im wondering bc it seems to me that Lightwardens…and even holy champion can reach the same damage levels with circle of healing?

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Frothing is just the easiest to get big based on its body. Warden dies a lot and Champion comes down a turn too late to be reliable. Turn three with four health is a very nice sweet spot.

    • Stonekeep HSP says:

      While those gain +2 each time they proc, they proc only from the INJURED targets. So to really abuse the effect you first need to play Pyromancer, a cheap spell and then Circle of Healing. That’s a quite big combo and requires you to have a lot of cards. On the other hand, Frothing is much easier to proc – you just Whirlwind with 2nd Death’s bite hit and it gains +1 for every minion on the board, unconditionally. Plus it gains attack by just being on the board – you don’t need to do much more. Minions are getting damaged all the time, by trading, by pinging, with AoEs etc.

      In theory, Lightwarden/Holy Champion have highest damage ceiling, but Frothing Berserkers are just much easier to “activate”.

  2. aceswildnc says:

    Not a fan of this one.. but loved your Combo Paladin.. 0-4 right now with this warrior.. :(