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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Aggro Paladin


Finally! If you have been following my articles, you know how much I adore/love/am enamored with Aggro Paladin. It was my very first legend deck and continues to be my favorite deck in the game. As such, it should come as no surprise that every time someone brings a version of it to legend, I jump at the chance to cover it. This week, I bring you a very interesting spin on Aggro Paladin that, while still having the same core as classic aggro, has some very key changes. This is not the Shockadin deck of old, using things like Wolfrider or Bluegill Warrior to push through damage. This is a slower deck that takes board control early and never gives it back. In fact, with only one Equality and only three minions with charge, this deck plays a lot more like Zoo than anything else.

Aggro Paladin is a deck that has always depended on Divine Favor to give it an extra push in times where other aggro decks would fail. This deck is no different. What makes this so powerful is, Paladin got a lot of strong cards in GVG. They are all on display here, and a lot of cards commonly used in Midrange Paladin (Shielded Minibot, Coghammer, Muster for Battle) enable this deck to do something most aggro decks cannot. Resilience is the cornerstone of any good aggro deck, and this deck, with so much divine shield, trades well with other aggro decks and gives control decks a complete headache. That combination, mixed with card draw and ample burst, creates a very strong, very unique, very fun, breed of aggro.

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  1. silverlight says:

    Having a love/hate relationship with Mukla versus coldlight and other options — I think this deck does need one larger body minion. Wonder if there is a better option then Mukla —

    Have you ever tried Bolvar? I know it’s 5 mana cost — not sure how his dynamic works, is the attack only increased when things die on the same turn you play him?

    Also thought about the 3 mana stealth Panther 4/2 body, buff target because of stealth.

    Piloted shredder …
    Wolfrider.. although not really big body…
    Dunno, just exploring options — Big body that has less downside then Mukla … or coldlight..

    Any ideas?

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      You generally want to keep the mana curve low so adding in things like shedder doesn’t really make sense. Bolvar goes for the same rules. Also, Bolvar is just really bad. If you’re gonna have a five drop in your deck, it has to do a lot of damage (see Leeroy) and he is way too slow. Same rule goes for the Panther, while you miiight be able to get away with Wolfrider, three mana for a 4/2 is not what this deck is trying to do.

  2. silverlight says:

    Have you ever experimented with using the sword of justice? Seems like it might have good synergy…

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      SOJ is very strong, especially when paired with Muster for Battle. However, when it comes down to brass tax, Coghammer is just miles better. It gives you a way to fight against aggro and control, while SOJ only really helps against control.

  3. aaboyx says:

    Really loving the play style of this deck, its aggro but requires smart plays to win with. I’ve been running an Avenging Wrath instead of Leeroy (mostly because I don’t have a leeroy). Its 2 more dmg for 1 more mana, often times i’ll use my minions on board to clear the opponents minions and leethal them with Wrath. It comes as a total suprise more often then not and does not activate secrets that trigger on attack. I’d love too hear your thoughts on this!

    • Joseph says:

      My thoughts exactly. I love this style of aggro deck. In terms of Avenging Wrath, I really like it, as it works as a clear and as removal, but I’m not sure if I would play it over Leeroy. Leeroy is just such a powerful finisher and wins so many games I would hate to cut it. Honestly, I would play Wrath instead of a smaller card if you really want it, but it might not be needed. However, if you don’t have Leeroy, it’s a fine substitute. One last thing, Wrath can throw of Divine Favor, which you also have to be careful of.

      • aaboyx says:

        Thanks for the quick reply and your thoughts! I have ran into having Wrath in my hand too early and being unable to do anything with it and have it reduce the value of Divine Favor but I imagine having a early leeroy would have pretty much the same effect. I finally got a paid subscription specifically to read this deck list, really looking forward to more decks/articles from ya!

  4. silverlight says:

    Hit legend for the first time with this deck — really have fun playing it, to me it plays like a very low curve control deck for up to around turn 4-5, and then more just going face depending on what the board looks like. If I’m in control of the board, and turn 5 force them to play a belcher, then you usually win — Hopefully by then you have an owl in hand.

    I experimented with an argent protector in the coldlight spot, saves your jugglers.

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Congrats! Yeah, protector is always a good Paly aggro card because it just gives you so much extra board presence in the right situation.

  5. John says:

    Just obtained my golden Paladin, Thanks!

    In doing so I learned that the opening hand determines 90% of the games for this deck. Jeeves also maintained hand stability and either drew hate away from other cards or survived to be buffed.

    As far as the Oracle verse Jeeves options switched between both and determined the option really depended on the type of play I chose to do. Coldlight Oracle made for bigger swings and more burst (more face time), and the Jeeves was good when I played a bit more defensively and controlled the board more.

  6. jingles8200 says:

    I swapped the Oracle out for Jeeves, it doesn’t help with the curve or divine favor (much) but the big body helps when accompanied by the buffs and it fixes a lot of the mid to late game hand issues. It may be a better option to replace one of the Favors but I like that against priest, rogue, warlock, and anything else that keeps a big hands.

    • jingles8200 says:

      I have been running this deck for a week and gained 130 ranked wins in my progress to Golden Paladin. Currently sitting at 353. Still tweaking and look forward to other ideas.

      • thetvsurgeon says:

        Jeeves is pretty good as a third favor. And I like it because it gains immediate value and usually earns removal. Also, so glad you’re having success at the orange diamond. Hope it keeps it up!

        • silverlight says:

          I’ll have to try Jeeves, but I will say Coldlight oracle has won me more then a few games — Jeeves doesn’t initially draw you cards until the end of your turn? Trying to remember the dynamic of how he works. So you don’t really get to play the cards he draws you until your next turn?

          I’ve also swapped out Coldlight for a Kezan Mystic when I am running into a ton of hunters — it makes hunter match-ups much more in your favor.

          Have you seen the list that Viktor Stay ran in the Pro-Am tournament? Haven’t tried it yet, but looks interesting…He took it to the finals..

          Rank 2 now with this deck, this is a great deck!

          • thetvsurgeon says:

            That does look interesting. Kezan can be great. I think the overall build is solid, and Coldlight is one of the only flex spots.

          • Anonymous says:

            Agreed the delay in playing cards can be an issue however, i find my self being able to burn 2-3 cards a turn by turn 5 so having them at the beginning of the turn pays off more for me.

    • xvlexa says:

      I run a second blessing instead of the Oracle and its helped a lot.

  7. silverlight says:

    I’ve gone from Rank 17 to Rank 4 with this deck so far — really fun — it’s almost a really low curve control deck in a way, but still aggro of course. Warriors are still a tough match-up, and if Tempo Mages get a perfect hand, not much you can do. I’ve found it’s also useful if you have the coin, Shielded Mini-bot, and a one drop, to sometimes just coin out the bot, as a little bit of deception in terms of making you look like a normal paladin deck. It does influence what they play on their turn two, versus just laying down a Leper Gnome.

    Strife came up with a Agrro Pally version, much higher curve with beefer minions, might try it to compare :

    Fun deck to play!

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Awesome. Always great to see people having success with the decks I post. Yes, I have seen Strifco’s deck, and I have to say I really don’t like it. While I do not think I am the authority on all things Hearthstone, I know aggro Paladin extremely well, and think raising the curve is just a mistake on so many levels. While this deck does play for board control, you’re not Zoo. You live off of small minions, if you need late game cards then the deck is not doing what it’s intended to do.

  8. jingles8200 says:

    WOW! Simply wow! I have been grinding on a gold paladin using a very techy control paladin that is like a Swiss army knife. Its great on most decks but its slow…

    This has schooled every face hunter and most controls!!! Super fast and super diverse. There has been a game or two that I lost because I went hard and never got the card draw to back it up :/ But I can not blame the deck build on that.

    As far as the whirlwind is concerned you can play around it easily much like playing around a fan of blades or explosive traps. If you see it coming cog hammer or blessing and save what you can.

  9. gird44 says:

    I was very excited to read about this deck. I played it all day and won 4 of my first five so thought it was great. Then I went 50/50 the next 8 games with a couple mistakes costing me one game and my opponent making a mistake winning me a game. After that however, I lost 6 out of 7 to Patron, tempo mage 3 times, face, and then 2 Mid range Pally so struggling to believe it could have made Legend on its own as I can’t get past rank 11 in this season.

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Sorry to hear that. It can make Legend on its own (as it did) but that’s besides the point. One of the biggest points I always make is to really analyze your choices, the way you play and understand a deck. Nobody is perfect, and you always want to be self aware. A good exercise I do while climbing is, when faced with two options, I will do one of them and play the game with that choice in mind. How did it turn out? Why did it turn out this way? What would of happened had I done the other thing? Then, next time faced with that choice, I would do the other option and repeat. One last note is, if you are seeing many bad matchups in a row (or simply matchups you don’t know how to play) take a break. I have hit legend nine times now, and during all of those runs, if I ever lose two or three games in a row (either from bad matchups of the cards aren’t going my way) I will just stop playing. Hope your luck turns around, but always be aware of what you’re doing, your mulligans and the way things turn out based on the choices you make.

  10. silverlight says:

    Any more hints on fighting either of the warrior types? I’ve actually been running into quite a few patron warriors, or hybrids that have the patron combo but also are using the armor-up cards (shield block etc..). Finind these matches always really close, but with the added armor just a always a bit out of reach.

    I’ve traded back and forth with Mulka and coldlight — Mulka either wins you games, or is a completely dead card — coldlight seems a little bit more playable in general. Haven’t tried vigil, going to give it a shot. Having fun playing this deck!

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Awesome. Either Warrior you really just need to hit them as much as you can. With Control, you need pressure their life and they really fall behind fast, and with patron you usually want to kill them (or get them within lethal range) before they assemble the combo. The only strict rule is to kill Armorsmith pretty much any time you see her.

      • silverlight says:

        Thanks — I probably wasn’t being aggressive enough with killing the Armorsmiths (going face instead), I’ll give it a whirl.

  11. modded says:

    What are your thoughts about running a Mukla for Divine Favor synergy (plus it’s a big threat on an empty board)?

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Mukla is great. He’s a good card, I just think coldlight is better in the current meta, because he is so bad when you’re behind.

  12. strickam says:

    Control warrior got a little mad when i beat him turn 6 after his turn 4 brawl.
    Is this deck cancer? I don’t really think so. Compared to Huntard and MechMage this deck takes some decision making.

    Thanks again Joe. Another good write up.

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Yeah, that’s one of the things I love about aggro Paly, definitely takes more thinking than some of the other aggro decks (not that those decks don’t). I really appreciate the positive feedback.

  13. hearthhasser46 says:

    this deck is crap

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s really not, try it out before you say things like this. Ended the season on rank 4 after playing roughly 30 games with this deck. If the deck is ‘crap’ it wouldn’t be able to compete at that level.

  14. pallys4day5 says:

    I worry that whirlwind would set you back to far tho.

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Whirlwind is a problem, but it is barely run (and usually only a one of when it is). You just need to prepare for such things, and know that sometimes, even if you lose your board, you have favor to bounce back.

  15. marleyhasselbach says:

    I think with all the small minions and 2x muster for battle, solemn vigil is very powerful, definitely better than cold light oracle.

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      This is a fantastic idea, and could really give you some extra cheap draw. The only thing I have to say is it does not add to your Divine Favor and does not put something on the board. However, everything has opportunity costs, and this could be a great switch.