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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Aggro Priest


No, the title is not a typo. This is a legend aggro Priest deck. Aggro. Priest. I don’t normally reiterate a point that much, but this deck really does what it sets out intends to do: kill the opponent quickly. I know I just covered Priest, but this is such a huge leap from the norm, I felt it wouldn’t be fair to ignore it. This list comes from the Chinese Youjiaoyangdeniu who put together a great list that relies on no legends and no epics. It is a very well put together deck that uses early starts and a plethora of combos to allow you to win out of nowhere.

While I will reiterate this more later, this is very much a combo-oriented deck. While sometimes you will play tempo, and sometimes you will be aggressive, you need to understand you will almost always win though some sort of huge finishing turn. That turn could be come from Circle of Healing, Lightwarden, Inner Fire or the like, but it will almost always be something to that effect. As such, while this deck is labeled “aggro”, planning, as always, is extremely important. You should be constantly doing math, trying to understand how your future plays will set up a win. As this deck relies on quick bursts, you are (usually) going to have a very small window of opportunity to win before your opponent recovers. That opportunity may look different every game, but if you can recognize when it happens (usually on a key turn) you will be able to get a good groove going. It may not be the easiest deck to pilot, but this is the first time I have ever seen an aggressive Priest archetype work, and that’s pretty cool.

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  1. oromir80 says:

    nessun deck รจ decente, pubblicano cose scontate…

  2. sentenza says:

    Hey, a new version of this deck, with Eydis Lightbane and a few changes, is circulating these days: (also on hearthpwn: Just in case you are, like me, still really interested in using this list!

  3. gird44 says:

    This deck is very good against agro for sure. But versus any midrange or control it is very weak. Velen is definitely an improvement but it just loses to control warrior, any non zoo warlock so not realistic anymore in today’s meta.

  4. patrissimo says:

    Ok, played 10-15 games with this deck. It’s definitely fun, and powerful against aggro. I do find it a little inconsistent; if I don’t get a draw combo off early, and don’t manage to stick minions, sometimes I find myself with an empty board and a hand of mind blast / mind blast / circle and nothing to do. I may just need to get better at early game maneuvering, but I did take (deathrattle) Priest to legend so I know it decently though I am out of practice.

    What I decided to do after this happened in 2 of my first 6 games (I did win all or almost all the others) was to trade an inner fire for Prophet Velen, and Jeeves for Emperor. Velen works really well with mind blasts; getting you an extra 5 damage (w/o emp), or 10 damage (with just 1 emp bonus). And it works well with exactly the situation where I found the deck to struggle; behind in the mid-game with unusable combo pieces like mind blast stuck in my hand; needing to piece together some extra damage. It’s also really good against tough control matches like Handlock where the extra damage past taunts is vital.

    Maybe I just got unlucky w/ Jeeves, but it didn’t really work for me as a catch-up card; in that usually when I was behind I did not have an empty hand, but rather a few combo pieces that I didn’t want to just dump for minimal value. If I was ahead, I was also able to draw w/ cleric, not like Zoo or aggro paladin where you get ahead by dumping out your hand.

    Anyway, just some early thoughts, will keep messing with it.

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Yeah, Jeeves is definitely a flex spot. I think Prophet is a great card, and would probably work much better than Emperor. He really brings the Mindblast combo to a whole new level. Yeah, getting early creatures is absolutely essential here, and you really need to make something stick (even if that means waiting a turn to PW something).

  5. patrissimo says:

    While the video had issues; I will say that the guide means a lot more to me with the video. Seeing actual decisions and how the deck plays out just adds so much. You could argue that for a first lesson in a deck, a play video actually provides a better background than a guide, and the guide should be used second to flesh out one’s understanding of a deck.

    Will try out the deck, looks fun.

  6. drewmoney says:

    Great article. The video gets super choppy about half way through and basically unwatchable.

  7. winterknight says:

    Very fun deck to play. You werent kidding about the risk with deathlords tho. Maybe I should have suspected that it was not a regular oilrogue when the first deathlord pulled out a violet teacher and not play a second to get Malygos…

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Yeah, deathlords are very tricky. You typically only run them out right away against aggro, though they can be great with Velen’s Chosen, because if your opponent silences it, it doesn’t really matter.

  8. sentenza says:

    Very much looking forward to try this deck, which sounds like “Patron warrior for the impatient” (turnwise)… I’m having issues with the video though, image seems stalled for long periods while audio continues, which makes it difficult to know what happened, is it just me?

  9. mikeymortars says:

    I replaced Jeeves with Baron Rivendare. It was hot.

  10. hawkeye00700 says:

    Great article. I am just not good enough to pull this deck off.

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      I don’t think that’s true. It just takes some practice, like all decks do.

      • hawkeye00700 says:

        I’ve read your other articles and have had lots of success with your decks you present. You really do a great job. But of my 700+ total wins in ladder play I have 5 with my priest. So a general lack of experience with the class combined with my brain cramping up trying to figure whether or not to slam down a minion or wait for a combo has me tied up in knots with this deck. It does look fun will definitely give it a go again.