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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Astral Druid


For those of you keeping track, we are three weeks into the new adventure. That means there are enough cards to make some truly wacky decks. Today, we enter that realm by looking at a very strange legend deck made by Enclase. The deck is Astral Communion Druid. While that in itself is not terribly strange (the deck has been attempted more than a few times by some very popular streamers), this version has a wide range of interesting tools and intriguing one-ofs that allow you to pilot it in a brand new way. Even if just one card is from the new set, I have never seen a Ramp Druid deck built quite like this.

Unlike most Astral decks, this one has a lot of cards to help you in games where you don’t go from zero to ten in two turns. In the past, most decks of this style were half heavy ramp, and half heavy minions. While this new version still runs all the big fun fatties you know and love (as well as the ramp) you also have a lot of removal spells and lower cost cards to heal and survive into the late game. Though this plan dilutes your topdecks and can make you very sad after an early Astral Communion, it also gives you more consistency and helps you fight better against decks that would normally just swarm you down. By doing this, the deck can either play like a gigantic combo deck, or it can play like a more traditional ramp build. Hedging your bets and adding that consistency goes a long way.

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  1. Jimmy HSP says:

    Hey guys – sorry about the video. Should be fixed now. Also the missing card was Cenarius!

  2. highjinx says:

    The video no workey again…

  3. patrissimo says:

    Unless I’m counting wrong, there are 29 cards; 8 doubles and 13 singles. I’ll just throw in another fatty, but I’m curious what the last slot is supposed to be.