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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Banana Shaman


Let’s face it, the old Shaman decks just don’t cut it anymore. Not only do they get locked down by overload, but their starts are nowhere near as powerful as what Hunter and Paladin can do. As such, Shaman has been getting a lot of flak lately. The class was supremely hyped at the start of TGT, and now…well, now it hasn’t quite lived up to those expectations (or gotten anywhere close). Totem Golem is still a strong card, but it just  doesn’t quite have the power of Shielded Minibot or Darnassus Aspirant. That, combined with overload and a lack of boar clears, has once again squeezed Shaman into a tight corner. That being said, there is still lifeblood in this class. Wissoul proved that this week by taking the stock “board flood” style of Shaman and making some very powerful changes to alter it into a legend-worthy token build.

Shaman, despite all of its problems, has always lived by one truth: once you have board control it is very hard to lose the game. However, it’s getting board control that’s really difficult to do. The classic and totem Shaman builds are very strong on paper, but usually lack something in practice. This build alters the curve a little bit, and plays much more like Zoo than anything else. Yes, you don’t quite have the same aggressive power that the Warlock deck does, but you have a finisher in Bloodlust as well as a lot of minions that trade up really, really well. This deck is built in a way where, either through sheer power, sticky minions or totems, you are going to be able to keep something on the board. When that happens, you can then use those small minions to trade up, play the tempo game, and get into a position where you will eventually burst your opponent down.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    this deck isnt working very good for me, im with 40% w/r already with this.. i guess i will not try it anymore..

    I love shaman, but its pretty sad that he actually gets wrecked by all kinds of hunter and paladin so badly.

  2. tobysid says:

    Love this deck Joseph, it’s great fun and effective. Don’t let Shaman die!