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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Beast Druid


I must confess, I am not somebody who plays a lot of Druid. Once upon a time it was my most played class, but I strayed from the wild side once my Malfurion became golden. While I really wanted to explore the possibilities of Beast Druid, it wasn’t on the top of my list. I knew someone would eventually bring the deck to legend, and once they did I would be able to cover it. The_FunkmasterJ answered my prayers, creating a very strong beast-centric Druid list. He did this by making a very smart move. I have often discussed deck building on this series, in that you don’t always have start from floor one to make a good deck. Going full-beast, for lack of a better term, was not the way to make a competitive beast deck. There are too many fringe or low-tier beasts in the game, and Knight of the Wild is an awful card. What FunkmasterJ did was take an already proven Druid deck (that of combo) and gut the center of the deck. Taking an already tested Ferrari and giving it all new parts. Yes, the combo is still your primary win condition, but this list is much more terrifying due to the influx of strong minions, ways to get board control, and, of course, the extra pair of cheap 7/7’s.

Druid is a very scary class to play against because of Savage Roar. The three mana spell is probably responsible for more Hearthstone deaths than any other card in the game (or at least close to number one). It can give you kills out of nowhere, and all you need are a few minions to set it up. This is very important in a deck like this, which runs a lot of minions that can stick around on the board. You always want to be pushing lethal in this deck, trying to find ways where you can win with a topdeck or burst combo. You want to think of your later turns much like a Hunter deck does. Understand the ways you can get lethal if you ever start falling behind on board, because damage will allow you to catch back up. Make your opponent kill your minions instead of trying to set up a good position. This will happen due to that fear of Savage Roar, and you can easily tweak that fear to your advantage. Combo is the way your are going to win most of your games, but that does not mean this is a combo deck. You have a lot of tools that are used to put on pressure, and each beast minion has a certain place in the overall build.

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  1. soulouri says:

    Do you not experience any issues with the curve in this deck? I’m having a total blast playing it, but I have some serious consistency issues.

    I feel pretty comfortable with the general gameplay, setting up lethals, etc. But most of the time I find myself with so many 5 drops in my hand after mulligan, and rarely a smooth curve to drop them out… I’m sitting on something like 10-10 after 20 games at rank 10 and to be honest with the exception of 1 or 2 games it feels like there was 0 I could do with full clunky hands.

    Just wondered if I should be trying to lower the mana curve, or if i’m just being unlucky.

    • Anonymous says:

      I feel like the curve in this deck is actually pretty low, lower than your usual mid druid which already curves out well. You have 7 2s plus innervate, 2 panthers on 3 and then a ton of 4 and 5s as you say. The problem might be a wrong muligan. Check some guides and im shure it will get better.

  2. stdixon88 says:

    I took did -1 panter and +1 druid of the flame. The jungle panther is nice to have in stealth on the board for various reasons…I do like druid of the flame being able to help out with early board control vs. aggressive decks.

  3. polygon says:

    Wouldn’t it be better to play druid of the flame instead of the panthers? It seems much more consistent, you can play it aggressively and its much better at trading in the early game. I feel like this is more important that having a target to buff with combo in most match ups and 2-5 usually survives too

    • Anonymous says:

      Druid of the flame is definitely worth a consideration. I personally think that the stealth is very, very important. However, a 2/5 body and the versatility could be worth a shot. I would test both, but don’t discount just how important being able to keep something on board it.