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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Beastly Midrange Hunter


Today on Weekly Legends we will answer one of the most fundamental and important questions you can ask in Hearthstone: What makes a deck good? And, to be even more on point, how important is just one card? This is a theme that I have brought up before, which is because of how important that question truly is. TuckFrump hit legend this month with a Midrange Hunter deck. Nothing too out of the ordinary here, and to be honest, most of the cards are pretty standard. However, as I am covering it, a few key things have been changed. Those changes really alter the play style of the deck and truly make all of the difference.

This week’s list is different from the standard Midrange Hunter on two fronts. One, it is a little more aggressive, and allows you to go face much more than you normally would. In this way, it gives up some extra board control for damage potential. That may seem like a small change, but, as you are a Hunter, this can allow you to steal some games. Secondly, it runs a couple more beasts which gives you access to two Houndmasters. While these changes seem minor, they actually do a lot for the deck in terms of consistency. They also greatly change the general way that it plays. So many times when it comes to deck building or climbing the ladder, simply swapping out a card or two can be hugely important. You never know how much impact a small change can have, but this week’s deck shows exactly that.

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  1. morty5 says:

    Really cool hunter deck. What tech choices or card swaps would you consider for this one?

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Thanks. The tech really differs for what you’re playing against. Though I don’t think any specific tech is needed, MCT is always great in a zoo dominated meta. However, I really like kezan mystic for two reasons. One, she’s great against both hunter and mage, but can also steal your secrets back. Although I would not go over one tech card (the deck is pretty tight) you could try and swap out something low-impact for the glaivezooka to make it happen,

  2. hearthwok25 says:

    Hey Joseph, great Guide once more. This Deck took me to Rank 5 in 1,5 days. However, now im facing tons of handlocks, and didnt win a single game in that matchup. Any specific hints for it? Im trying not to go too fast bc of hellfire, still im getting owned by the huge taunts, sylvanas and implosion…

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Thanks! Glad you’re having success. Yeah, Handlock is tricky. Honestly, I would go fast. You’re a Hunter, and in that matchup you have to Hunt. I know it seems kind of odd, but you need to put pressure of their life total. If you wait, you will most likely lose to their long game. A lot of decks beat Handlock by waiting them out and then bursting, and while the can happen here, more often than not you want to just hit them and hit them hard. Yes, sometimes you will lose to Hellfire, but I’ll take that risk any day since it is so hard to match their long game.