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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Combo Murloc! (Mrglrlglrlg)


Mrgrlgl mrgl mr gl gl mrgl glr, mrlg mrglmrgl mrg. Mrgl grl gl? Mrgl. That being said, this week’s deck comes from Thijs, a great player who built a very solid Paladin combo deck. While at first glance this may seem like an odd version of the classic Control Paladin, it’s a little more complicated than that. This deck is two different lists in one. Not only is that hard to achieve, it is very hard to achieve well. This deck is a Paladin shell from the days of old, using combos like Wild Pyromancer/Equality and excessive healing to stay along enough to combo your opponent down. However, instead of slowly wearing your opponent down until they can’t answer your finishers, you are going to win in a wave of murlocs.

So, what on Earth is going on here? The point of this deck is to play just like you are a Control Paladin with murlocs in a lot of your spots instead of some of the more classic choices. Then, you eventually want to play Anyfin Can Happen for a huge final burst of damage that usually sits somewhere between 20-25. Your two primary game modes are going to be healing and card draw. Balancing each of those is key to the deck. The other key is keeping track of which Murlocs have died. Anyfin only summons Murlocs that have gone to the grave, so you want to make sure you have the full combo (or enough of the combo to get lethal) before you actually play it out. It is a very strong card, and really brings a fresh new twist to one of the more classic archetypes in the game.

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  1. tkgons says:

    First off, thanks for the guide, as I haven’t found anything as in depth so far. I started playing it a week ago, and have never enjoyed playing a deck in hearthstone as much as this and I’ve been in since beta. While only playing for a short period of time I’ve learned a few interesting things about the deck that I think will help others with this deck or against it.

    List I’ve been running is the same except -2 hammer, -1 shielded minibot, -1 keeper of uldaman (I may try this one out), +1 lay on hands, +2 humility, +1 sludge belcher. While in some games you won’t have the time or hand space to cast the second lay on hands, it helps so much for consistency. Belcher is self explanatory, but in addition works well with doomsayer for larger boards. Imo humility is crucial for tempo, casting lay on hands and/or healbot is great at regaining life, but not board position. Humility allows you to cast those cards and still neutralize a big threat. Its also a cheap enabler for wild pyromancer.

    To elaborate on the general strategy from the article: your goal is to get to the late game, where you will either be near or at fatigue (its ok to be at fatigue, as long as you are pulling the trigger). What makes this combo awesome, is that if you setup correctly, its near impossible to lose when you go for it. The first wave may not kill them, but it will force their hand into either a board clear or a major heal, but not able to fight back in a meaningful way. Then the next turn you drop the second Anyfin and its GG. Joseph pointed out the importance of keeping track of which murlocs died, including your opponents, is huge. The other important thing to watch out for, is your own hand size. It’s very easy to overdraw in this deck, which could easily be a fatal mistake (lose an anyfin or warleader). Therefore make sure to count your cards and plan draw steps and clearing combos. If you plan on drawing 3 the next turn, use this turn to play 2 cards to not go over. If you play an acolyte be careful of clever opponents who may force you to overdraw.

    Warrior: I find the best strat is beat them at their own game, exhaustion. Force them to deal with your 1/1s and various 3/3s while neutralzing their big guys with your 4 humility effects. You are both on par with draw effects, so you won’t fatigue before them. Once you both are low on cards, go for the first anyfin. They usually only play one brawl, so the second anyfin will be lethal.

    Priest: Similar to warrior, with a few caveats. Be careful spamming 1/1s as they can use that to their advantage with northshire cleric. Priests have adopted entomb and will entomb your combo pieces to prevent you from going off (this is one method control decks have for beating murloc combo). If you notice their first entomb snags a warleader or Ol’ Murky, then you have to ensure your next one will die. You do this by dropping it with the pyromancer/equality combo. It may seem counterintuitive to purposely kill your guy for no value, but its correct in the MU. Priest will fight off the first Anyfin with a clear, but the second always gets them.

    Druid: Hardest MU for me personally. Their combo kill is very good against you. Joseph already mentioned kill all their minions, but sometimes you just can’t. This is a MU where belcher shines, because he can ensure you live on critical turns. Remember to stay at high health.

    The Mirror! : The first time I faced the mirror, I quickly realized the first person to cast Anyfin will win, because it counts their murlocs as well. Therefore it’s possible to get 3 warleaders or 2 Ol’ Murkys on the first shot. Luckily I was on the play that game and my opponent already coined. Which leads to my big tip: if you are on the draw vs a paladin, DO NOT USE YOUR COIN. Wait until you can rule out murloc paladin before using the coin. Best way to win the mirror on the draw, cast anyfin on t9, they won’t be expecting it, catch them with their pants down. This also means you need to be aggressive with your card draw, even risking overdrawing at points. You need to have 1 Anyfin by T9 and make sure enough murlocs have died.

    Murloc Math: someone posted all the combinations, but I don’t have time to refer to that during a game

    Each bluegill =2 damage
    Each Murky = 2+the # of other murlocs
    Each Warleader= 2x the # of non Warleader murlocs

    I’ve found that formula to be quick, easy, and effective.

    I know this wasn’t exhaustive, but I wanted to fill some of the gaps I found in this great primer. Deck is a ton of fun and I don’t see myself putting it down anytime soon!

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Glad you liked it so much! Yeah, it’s an incredible deck. I was just playing it for a quest the other day. However, there are some more updated decklists. I really don’t like humility, but two belcher seems key to me.

  2. aceswildnc says:

    Dont be scared to use Anyfin early.. As long as two chargers(2xBG or 1BG and Murk eye) and 1 warleader have died the second anyfin will still normally always be lethal (assuming the murlocs from first Anyfin have been traded away).

    Just cause im bored at work and feel like doing some math..

    First Anyfin

    1BG\ME = 2 Damage
    2BG = 4 Damage (2hits 2damage)
    1BG 1WL = 4 Damage
    1BG 1ME = 5 Damage (2hits 2/3 damage)
    1BG 2WL = 6 Damage
    2BG 1ME = 8 Damage (3hits 2/2/4 damage)
    *sweet spot for popping first Anyfin as second will be over 30 damage*
    2BG 1WL = 8 damage (2hits 4/4 damage)
    1ME 2WL = 8 damage
    1BG 1ME 1WL = 10 damage (2hits 4/6 damage)
    2BG 2WL = 12 damage (2hits 6/6 damage)
    1BG 1ME 2WL = 15 Damage (2hits 6/9 damage)
    2BG 1ME 2WL = 22 damage (3hits 6/6/10 damage)

    Second Anyfin (assuming no additional murlocs have been traded off inbetween)

    2BG = 4 Damage (2hits 2damage)
    2ME = 6 damage
    4BG = 8 damage (4hits 2/2/2/2 damage)
    2BG 2WL = 12 damage (2hits 6/6 damage)
    2BG 2ME = 14 damage (4hits 2/2/5/5 damage)
    2BG 4WL = 20 damage (2hits 10/10 damage)
    4BG 2ME = 22 damage (6hits 2/2/2/2/7/7 damage)
    4BG 2WL = 24 damage (4hits 6/6/6/6 damage)
    2ME 4WL = 30 damage (2hits 15/15 damage)
    2BG 2ME 2WL = 34 damage (4hits 6/6/11/11 damage)
    **past this point RNG rules and usually Overkill! **
    *worst case second anyfin with atleast 2 chargers 1WL dead)
    4WL 3BG = 30 Damage (3 Hits 10/10/10 Damage)
    2ME 3BG 2WL= 40 Damage (5Hits 6/6/6/11/11 damage)
    2BG 2ME 3WL= 42 Damage (4Hits 8/8/13/13 damage)
    *best case second anyfin*
    1BG 2ME 4WL= 45 Damage (3Hits 10/15/15 damage)

    • aceswildnc says:

      as i look over my numbers i see a few errors.. but it should give you a general estimation on what could and should happen… (miscaluted orginal dead murlocs in possible second fin math.. so those are not the best case scenerios as i thought.. it could me MORE overkill .. lmao)

      • direna says:

        Thanks for your math. I needed it, but couldn’t read it fast enough! :-)

        Most important is, to have a clear Board for the second Anyfin. Usualy through a doomsayer, because the oponent let him on the board, thinking he’s killing all of your minion. What he does… :-)

  3. dukeofyork says:

    I am getting CRUSHED using this deck. Probably not using it right. But a Murloc deck with only 4 Murlocs? So many games I’ve drawn half my deck and have only seen one Murloc. (And usually have both “Anyfin” cards in my hand uselessly)

    • aceswildnc says:

      If your getting crushed then your probably not controlling the board properly. you have to be stingy with the board clears and know when to heal.. I’ve gotten greedy with lay on hands when i should of played healbot( for body +heal).. also Doomsayers usually +14 health or 2 free turns(to draw) so use them early when opponent cant remove them. or are forced to kill them. Your minions arnt important.. but your health is.. so feel free to drop a minion with doomsayer to even further tempt opponenet to just pass…

      • thetvsurgeon says:

        Yeah, this deck is a very heavy control variant. You always want to stall in anyway you can. Even if your opponent can clear a Doomsayer you still want to play it because it eats damage. You also need to carefully plan for each threat your opponent has, which will let you get the most out of your removal. Going long is how you eventually draw all of your murlocs.

  4. direna says:

    WoW…I was confused this Season, looking for a “Fun” Deck, ended up 14:1 this evening…

    Lost against a Druid. In that Match I had no chance, but don’t mind.
    Putting in Reno is a VERY interesting thought, but have you tested it for several times?

    Thanks for the deck!

    • direna says:

      Yes, the Druid-Lost was the second lost, I haven’t mentioned it. 15:2 now, which is – for my skill – way more than I could expected. But, I needed some traing odff the ladder, really helps me to know how to use the synergies.

  5. olympicmichael says:

    How in the world do you beat this deck?????? Once opponent plays anyfin it’s absolutely over!!!

  6. Bob says:

    I can’t see adding Reno to the deck as you would only play it once your deck is drawn as you have so many duplicates and I find myself casting my anyfins at that time anyway as you have drawn all your murlocs. I went from 1 star into rank 7 to 1 star into rank 4 in 5 hours. Not sure how great that is but I was happy. Minibot is just there to help with aggro early and a little beat down. His damage is negligible but he helps keep you alive. That is the single card Nevillz mentions on his twitch but he is not sure what to replace it with. I lost one game to a Lock by clearing instead of checking for lethal which I had and 1 game to a priest which I never lose to but I overdrew from creature damage and lost my 2nd Anyfin. Mistakes I won’t repeat for sure.

    • aceswildnc says:

      I ended up swapping 1 AoP(usually only 1 draw) for Reno… and it has saved me a few times against control\armor warrior and other Reno Decks.. it really is just insurance that when your down to 14-15 health and you got 7 cards left in your deck (where that last murloc or anyfin tends to hide) that you can have the turns to draw them.. there is insane amount of draw in this deck so most of the (2) ofs get atleast one pull before your in the bottom third of the deck.

  7. medivh says:

    Shielded Minibot has to be the strongest -2 card so why just one copy of it?

  8. aceswildnc says:

    Nice Deck… should me mentioned that Anyfin can happen is a two part burst … first wave(first anyfin) will only summon the 5 murlocs that died (unless the opponent played some) which is 22 charge damage (2x 6/3 blue gill and 1x 10/6 Old Murk-Eye). The real killer is if you have the second Anyfin… then the damage can become MINDBLOWING.. I’ve found my most trouble against warrior… OP can you do a guide against Reno and COntrol warrior decks?

    • aceswildnc says:

      Ok…so after a few more games.. Nice deck has been upgraded to amazingly FUN deck… try setting up Anyfin with a doomsayer and your last murlucs.. Opponent ALWAYS elects to allow you to kill your own board… clearing the way for the combo … simply Amazing..

      • thetvsurgeon says:

        Very good point. I should of mentioned that in the guide. Also, glad you’re having fun! The deck is amazingly fun to play around with and to check out all of the cool interactions. Probably one of the most fun Weekly Legends I’ve had in some time.

        • aceswildnc says:

          I find myself drawing my self to fatigue very quicky..(not a bad thing) .. i’m wondering if Reno would be a card i can fit in somewhere to add me a few more turns to stay alive.. if you were to add Reno.. what would you drop?