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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Combo Who? (Ramp Druid)


Sometimes in life you have to get greedy. Really greedy. I’m not talking about eating an extra cookie with lunch, I’m talking about a whole mess of giant minions and one of the highest curves Hearthstone has ever seen. This week on Weekly Legends we are going to look at a legend ramp Druid decklist made by Ganbangarang. This list, instead of going the more common combo Druid route, focuses on trying to power out huge minions that simply take over a board on their own. Yes, it is a little risky going that big in today’s meta, but this deck truly shows the importance of focus when it comes to deck building. This takes a traditional idea, and then injects some new card choices into it as a way to better adapt to the current meta.

Darnassus Aspirant has drastically changed Druid. And I’m not sure if it was for the better. While the two drop was initially seen as a way to give ramp Druid more options, it actually just enabled combo decks to flourish. However, it gives a mana crystal, which means the ramp potential is still there. Giving “go big” Druid three ways to get to the all important turn seven can be incredible in the right hands. While many Druid decks simply try and tear their opponent down from fourteen health, this deck wins through sheer attrition. It may not be the way that most Druid decks have gone in the past, but all of the tools are there. These tools allow you to have a very strong curve, which then enables you to simply out-minion your opponent as the game goes long. This deck is what Druid was originally intended to be. Not a combo-oriented build that tries to get a minion to stick to set up lethal, but the type of deck that goes so far over your opponent’s head they’ll wonder why they even thought to play their puny minions in the first place.

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Leave a Reply

  1. sagemon says:

    What does this deck not want to run Aviana?

    • Anonymous says:

      Too gimmicky and a little too slow. There are better big bombs out there (see Cenarius)

  2. noirlapin says:

    Been looking for a new deck since my winrate with Dragon Priest has taken a nosedive in the last few days.

    After giving this a try, I have to say it’s a solid deck. I’ve been getting a 60% winrate so far. Even the games I lose feel like they were winnable. I was shocked how well it can handle face hunter, as top end heavy as it is. I’m thinking it’s because you either get your early game or your ramp to make your late game the early game.

    Got such a perfect hand with one face Hunter who refused to trade, I just had to share:

    – Play Darnassas opposing 2/1 Worgen
    – HP kill 2/1 Worgen –> Darnassus kills 2/2 Mad Scientist –> Play Chow
    – Coin –> Nourish for 2 Mana –> Trade 2/1 Darnassus for Knife Juggler (in case of freezing)–> Kill Leper with Chow –> Play Darnassus
    – Trade 2/1 chow for Arcane Golem –> Wrath for 1 to kill 2/1 Abusive –> play 4/6 DoC –>
    – Clear 2nd 4/2 Arcane with silenced DoC –> Play AoW –> Hero Power Owl
    – Play Kel’thusad –> Wrath Highmane for 1 and trade with DoC –> get DoC back
    – 5/6 AoW into 2nd Highmane –> Kill both hyenas with DoC and Kel –> Play Rag for Face
    – Swipe 2nd Juggler & 4 Hounds –> Innervate –> Play 2nd AoW –> Rag hits Face
    – Hunter concedes without me ever triggering his explosive or bear trap.

    5 turns @ 10 mana!

    Aside from facehunter, It’s amazing the number of times an opposing deck gets me down to < 5 health with them still sitting at 25+, and then I end up winning because I've got taunts out the wahzoo and they spent their burn killing my early game.

    Think you could add a matchup section for aggro druid?

    • Joseph says:

      Glad you liked it. The main goal against Aggro Druid (which you are incredibly favored against) is to recognize them as early as you can. Once you know what they are you want to power out your taunts, even if it isn’t the best use of mana (such as Innervating out a Druid of the Claw on turn four). You just need to get roadblocks down until you get something huge. Board control is really important, and if they play a Fel Reaver you cannot answer, you just want to keep throwing taunts in its way until you can finish it off with a spell.

  3. kruul27 says:

    I gotta admit, I was a little skeptical at first, but I figured I’d give a try because I’m getting tired of the same old decks on the ladder. It took me on a win streak from rank 10 – 7 today. I destroyed secret paladins, aggro and midrange druids, tempo mages, and a few hunters. This deck is a whole lot of fun, and seriously if you’re going to try it, don’t give up when you have 10 health, and they have 30. You start dropping your big threats and you won’t be getting hit at all.

    Great deck! Thanks for this and the write up.

  4. sentenza says:

    Hey, always nice to see another druid iteration! The write-up mentions Belchers several times but I see none in the list, which one is right?

  5. johnnywarlord says:

    Do you think ysera works as a good replacement for sneeds? I just dont have the shredder and wont craft it just for this deck ya know. Great guide!

    • madboyx says:

      Sneed’s is cool cause he’s sticky. What about the 6/4 epic sky golem? If you don’t have that, I’d put in Rags or something. Ysera I’m sure isn’t bad, though; if it was me, I’d lean toward higher attack power.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sneed’s is there for Control. As such, Nefarian actually makes a better finisher that Ysera. Ysera will get removed after one turn 99% of the time. Nef will too, but he gives you two spells which is more valuable than a single dream card.

        • Anonymous says:

          Good call. I didn’t think of it that way.

          • jflores999 says:

            I use ysera in this deck … i made legend this season with it. Ysera doesnt often get removed due to a high number of other threats. By the time ysera gets played the enemy has few answers