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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Combolock


TGT! Ok, fine…not quite yet. However, we are dangerously close to the release, and I for one have both my pre-order and gold rearing to go. Yet, while many people are staring starry-eyed into the future, there are many players who are still racing to legend. One such person is LonelyLink, who managed to hit the orange diamond earlier this month with, in my opinion, the most fun version of Warlock: Combolock. There have been a lot of iterations of this deck, but this one does something a little different than most traditional lists, which comes with both advantages and disadvantages. This deck is not just powerful, it also does something that most combo decks do not do; it runs two different combos. While you primarily want to win your games through the classic Arcane Golem/Power Overwhelming/Faceless Manipulator, you also have the back up combo of Voidcaller/ or Mal'Ganis. The two demon lords are very important to this type of deck because, not only do they allow you to get more ways to win instead of just going all in on one strategy, but each of them also works to keep you alive longer, which is the number one goal of piloting this deck. Your life total is very important (which we will get to soon) and you need to be able to mitigate it in the most ways possible.

Something you will immediately notice about this deck is the lack of taunts. While Sludge Belcher makes an appearance as always, Sunfury Protector and Defender of Argus are nowhere to be found. Instead of the taunt givers, this deck opts to run more early control-ish options as its anti-aggro tool. While this may make you weaker to decks like Face Hunter, the inclusions of cards like Imp Gang Boss will give you more resilient threats against midrange and control decks. As a combo deck, you only want to think about winning with a charging golem. This means that every turn you play you want to check your hand, check how many pieces of the combo you have, and then think about how close to lethal you are. Mindsets are a very key part to playing any deck, and if you get in the habit of looking for all of these things, you will be able to plan your turns out better. If you can push the combo you should, but don’t make sub-optimal plays if you are still too far away. Knowing the difference is key to piloting this deck.

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