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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Control Priest


What is dead may never die. Well, that’s not necessarily true. In fact, sometimes things that are dead stay way, way dead. However, in other cases those things persist despite what everyone else thinks. Of course, I am talking about Control Priest. When Whispers dropped, it took just about every good Control Priest card with it. No longer did they access to Lightbomb or early tempo plays like Deathlord or Velen's Chosen. As a result, the class has largely disappeared from ladder, and when it does pop up it is usually dragon or C’thun variants. Today’s list (coming from a player known as SexyNerd17) directly challenges that notion and shows us that Control Priest (at least one version) is still alive and kicking. While it may be easy to see the familiar cards in this and just assume it is the same it has always been, that would be ignoring the subtle differences that make it tick.

Innovation is a very important part of Hearthstone. In fact, it is the reason behind this entire series. Just because something doesn’t work or doesn’t click in the way you thought it would does not mean its unplayable. You just need to make tweaks and find cards that are good at battling the ladder. This deck is a perfect example of that, running a ton of value cards that are solely in here to deal with one specific matchup. This is important because understanding how to make a deck that everyone considers bad or subpar work is a very good exercise that will help you brew your own lists. Just know that when building decks you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. There are many classes (such as Priest) that have very strong cores and very powerful interactions. If you want to adapt a deck to the meta, you typically want to stick with those interactions and then see what other cards fit them. Not everything has to be out of left field, as long as it all works together.

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  1. btrumps says:

    I really like this deck, lots of fun.. I’m running into trouble vs other control decks and mirror matches. Are we able to add any more power level?

    • Anonymous says:

      Glad you’re enjoying it! I think an easy fix to play against other control decks and mirror matches (which you have Entomb for) is to simply slot in Elise Starseeker.

  2. delnai says:

    This is a cool list. I like that it is focused on the midgame, which is different from a lot of Priest lists I see that are more endgame-focused with N’Zoth.

  3. ozguny says:

    Tested around 15 games in a row. Not suitable for laddering imo. Thanks for the guide mate, cheers ^,^

    • vamp9190 says:

      Based on what? If you are going to make a strong statement like that it would help if you explain a bit and give some insight on why you think so.

      I have played it a bit and it was pretty effective. I destroyed a Paladin so bad that after Entombing his Tirion and keeping the board clear he had to Equailty/Consec my board of only two minions: a 1/9 Blademaster that he had cast Humility on a few turns before….and his own 5/5 that spawned from the Twilight Summoner that I took using Shadow Madness and ran into his Recruit, lol. It did not save him or even really slow me down….since I had like 9 cards in hand. The final turns were dropping Auchenai (He had 17 health, 15 after my hero power)….he then dropped Cairne and made a Recruit. I hit him for 3 with the Auchenai and then hero power and double Flash Heal for lethal.

      My big question is what is the approach for C’Thun decks and N’Zoth decks, as those seem to pose some of the toughest matchups. Any chance of more videos with some of these matchups?

      • riotlord says:

        This deck is good, but if you do not know how to leverage proper decision making you will not do well with it. I like decks like this.

  4. oufouet says:

    I am a big fan of control decks and especially priest since the closed beta and right now, it is indeed a very good deck for the meta but you are still getting wrecked by Shamans… I played 12 games in ranks 10-8, I went 8-4, 0-2 against aggro Shaman …

    Thanks for ressucitating the priest class in WOG !

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, not my deck, but thanks, haha. I always try to keep the game fresh!