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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Control Warlock


We are getting right into the thick of summer, and while I desperately wanted to cover yet another Priest build, I figured it was time to switch gears and go back to an old favorite: Warlock. While Zoo, Handlock, and even Malylock to a certain extent, are quite well known, this week’s list, created by Eyecelance, is something a little different. At first glance, this deck seems like many other forms of Warlock. However, what is important to note is that, while it may be similar, it is not the same. This deck is an amalgamation of both the classic Demonlock deck as well as Handlock, and truly gives up all gimmicks and unfair cards to simply play the long control game. It may not be the most exciting way to win, but it gets the job done, and it gets it done very well.

This deck is all about the grind. While you don’t have as many clearing tools as say the traditional Handlock did, you have a surprisingly high number of cards to outlast your opponent. Voidcaller can be very strong as putting down early board presence, while the usual package of removal, Lord Jaraxxus and healing allows you to really stretch out games. Defender of Argus is also very good at keeping you alive. The point of the deck is to simply know your matchups, understand just exactly what you are up against, and know how to play in that scenario. Against aggro, you need to watch your tapping while also using your taunts and healing to live as long as you can. On the other hand, when playing against Control or Midrange, you need to establish board presence and keep trading until you can use your finishers to slowly grind them out. Fortunately, the deck operates well in both modes.

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  1. philaroy says:

    Im finding it hard to see why anyone likes this deck. Im probably playing it totally wrong but I did read the guide and I am using my thought processes to really analyse each turn and yet i get beat by even the worst decks like mill…my first ever loss to mill even when I used to run ctrl warrior all the time. This deck is my worst win % and to me it isnt hard to see why maybe someone can tell me different but there doesnt seem to be any pressure on the opponent allmost every turn is passive in the extreme and you have to hope you have the right answer for every situation that comes up.

    • Stonekeep HSP says:

      Maybe you are playing it wrong or you’re incredibly unlucky. I’ve played over 30 games with this deck with around 80% win rate and I found it absolutely amazing. Winning against pretty much any popular deck. With Imp Gang Boss and Twilight Drake/Voidcaller you usually have enough pressure in the mid game to not lose the game right away. It has pretty good board clears with BGH (+possibly Abusive Sergeant), Imp-losion, Darkbomb, Hellfire and Shadowflame. Late game pressure is also way more than enough – Sylvanas, Dr. Boom, Mal’Ganis. Against Aggro decks, you have a lot of ways to clear the board and 2x Healbot which works nicely. Against Control, you slowly grind them down – it’s hard to outvalue Warlock’s Hero Power and hard to put enough pressure on Warlock to not let him tap as Control. If the game goes long enough, you play Jaraxxus and put a 6/6 every turn – no Control deck can survive the constant influx of big minions. The deck isn’t flashy, doesn’t have any big combos and is rather straightforward, grindy Control deck – you win the games by value.

      I’ll play the deck some more and will be writing an in-depth guide on Control Warlock soon, so you can check it out once it’s released.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah, there is some turtling with this deck, but at its core it is very similar to Handlock. There are a low number of threats, but you make up for that with some very powerful cards. A lot of turns you aren’t going to do much more than lifetap, but just how Midrange Shaman spends a lot of turns using their hero power instead of playing cards, it’s not the worst play. Just know your opponent’s deck extremely well and always be aware of what threats you need to answer.

  2. Lucky HSP says:

    In my experience, this deck performs quite well against both Patron Warrior and other Warlocks – Handlock and Demonzoo – so it wouldn’t be a surprise if it shows up in the tournament scene soon. Props to Eyecelance.

  3. nutcracker says:

    I noticed quite a lot of the top players have been hitting Top 10, and even #1 Legend with this deck. Definitely gonna make an appearance in the meta reports around the community.

  4. Hoarth HSP says:

    big fan of this deck, although i really think that the double bgh + abusive is the way to go. definitely a force to be reckoned with! :)

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Yeah, it’s super cool. I’m not sure what rank you are at, but at rank 4-2 (where I currently am) I play a constant string of Zoo, Hunter and Patron. Second BGH (even the first) does nothing in those matchups, so it just didn’t seem worth it to me.

      • Hoarth HSP says:

        oh sorry, i was top 50 with the deck! :) (I’m on the HSP team). gl hitting legend with it!