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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: C’Thun Druid


It is time! Whispers of the Old Gods is finally out, and that means new decks and archetypes here on Weekly Legends. While it has only been a few days (at least at the time I’m writing this) the meta is starting to take a little shape. There are a lot of different popular decks out there right now, but the first that has caught my eye is C’thun Druid. Due to Blizzard’s campaign strategy there was no doubt that C’thun decks were going to be popular, and my God are they popular. When one card can be played across multiple classes it is always interesting from a deck builder’s standpoint to see why certain decks rise to the top while others simply don’t work. In this case, I think it is pretty clear that Druid is the best fit for the old god, and there are several reasons for that which I will cover below.

While not as “out there” as some of the other lists I usually cover, C’thun Druid is one of the decks at the forefront of the new meta and that has to count for something. Many of the C’thun decks out there try and use a wide range of situational or gimmicky cards to win games, but I like C’thun Druid because it has a very solid core. An old rule of deck building is that, no matter how crazy your decks gets it can always be good if it has a stable foundation. For instance, while Astral Communion Druid is a pretty crazy archetype, it has a very reliable core in the usual ramp cards to help it in games where it doesn’t draw its combo pieces. This deck runs a lot of vanilla minions and odd C’thun buff cards, but it really is just a new take on an old staple. While there are many bells and whistles here, the deck is just the classic combo shell dressed up in a much more fun and engaging way. You still want to hit your smooth curve, and you still need to set up your finisher, but this is a lot more interesting than the Druid decks of the past.

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Leave a Reply

  1. shotexxx says:

    easy from 17 to 8. and went something like 20-1 with this deck and I cant go throu this rank 8. maybe ima bad player 😀

  2. thravvn says:

    My Hearthstone Deck Tracker said: Deckname: Ramp C’Thun “Update” (random deck from some other Homepage) 0-3 (i was not that Druide Player and was sad – it did not worked… till now) – gave it a 2nd try due to your Video explanations. Deckname: JosepthSAYSitsGood: 15-4. Hell yeah, Climped Rank 20-> 15. At the Moment no Worriors as enemys. – to make it short: thanks, and Keep good work up!

    • Joseph says:

      Awesome! I’m glad you’re having success. I hope the winning keeps up!

  3. schattelux says:

    great article! I hope you will do Brewmaster also for standard…

    • Joseph says:

      Thanks! And yes, I fully plan to do so. I am going to be gone in Spain for most of May, but I play to start up a new Brewmaster Series (titled The New Standard) in June.

  4. morthos68 says:

    I’ve beat every Cthun deck I have come across thus far with either a Paladin or Rogue based deck, that ISNT Cthun. Number of Cthun decks out there right now is ridiculous. Largely because the majority of folks aren’t playing it right.