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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Divine Shield Aggro


Sometimes you just have to take some time to appreciate the classics. While some (many) people hate facing down a Paladin with Argent Squire or Divine Favor in their deck, I truly do not think it gets any better than Aggro Paladin. It will always have a place in my heart as the first deck I ever seriously laddered with, and I always look forward to when people bring it to legend. This week’s list comes from GeioRay_HS, and is a lot of the old aggro shell mixed in with some very strong new additions. It is not easy to take an old archetype and adapt it to a new world, but when it does happens it is usually good to analyze from a deck building standpoint. This is because looking at old styles in new ways can help you figure out how to sculpt cards towards a specific meta and fine tune other lists you might be working on.

Every time a new set comes out, it is always a good idea to look back on the older lists that were once good in different times. While Aggro Paladin did not have the oomph that its Secret brother did, a new meta and new format gives it a chance to shine. What I really love about this list is that it really adapts to the current meta, making it strong against both Aggro Shaman and Zoo (the two most popular decks right now). There are a lot of cards in this list that I would never have even tried to put into an aggro Paladin shell, and they really do some work. Surprises are always good in Hearthstone, and this deck has quite a few.

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  1. gotmilk4ever says:

    Yeah don’t see that much potential with this. Tried it for fun and it gets smashed… There is no meat in it. Weapons to control the board to protect all your 1 attack minions? Or swing for the face and lose the board. A 1/3 body needs to do something. Void walker is taunt — in this deck you can sir Finley into steady shot and then vile fin is a dead card. Lol.

  2. direna says:

    Sorry, but R O F L… Legend with THAT Deck? No, absolutly no no no way man. I always loved the Aggro Pala, but this… pls proof, that he has become legend playing mostly THAT deck.
    As the others said, not bad but way way to inconsistent. I don’t how often I had to concede, because I had nothing to play on the hand except spells and / or weapons.

  3. raelcline says:

    I don’t understand why you have both Vilefin Inquisitor and Finley? It only works if you have the former in your opening hand/play it before Finley. There are times when I’ve actually held back playing Vilefin Inquisitor because my Hero Power is too good – surely not a good situation for an Aggro deck?

    • shevcza says:

      I’ve tried my fair share of Divine Pally, not a bad deck, just pretty incosistent for me.. Anyway – personally I don’t see any point of playing Vilefin in this deck.

  4. localman says:

    Thanks for the deck. Very fun to play with. But I often run out of cards in mid game.

    For mulligan guide, should I keep trading my minions to clear the board or should I be taking opp hero first?

  5. noirlapin says:

    Seems a little odd not to have a Steward of Darkshire in a divine shield deck. What’s your reasoning? Too slow? Not enough minions with 1 health?

  6. direna says:

    In earlier seasons I always had great success till Rank 4 with the Aggro-Pala and right now the Divine – Shield Version is still my deck with the highest win rate, so of course I will give this version a try.

    Thanks for uploading it!