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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Dragon Shaman!


After looking into some classic spins on some old decks, we are taking a trip back into the wild. Not the format (that comes later), but a very interesting list that comes from RageSmorc. While once non-existent, LOE revived Shaman decks and turned them into an extremely well-tuned aggro machine. That shift has worked very well for Thrall, and face has been the place for the class over the last few months. However, this is Weekly Legends, and we don’t bother with the same-old, same-old here. Rather, we look at the new and exciting. And this week, we have it with a very cool Malygos/Dragon Shaman deck that operates like a midrange/control hybrid. You have your early drops curving into bigger minions, but you also have a ton of removal options to drag out games.

Dragons are a very interesting tribe because of how much neutral synergy they have. Pretty much any deck can run the scaly beasts with reasonable success, and that means choosing a hero comes down the power as well as the style of list you want to play. While Shaman’s hero power is not great for its current lists, totems lend themselves quite well to slower decks where the healing, taunt and spell power matter (especially the taunt). The class is very is board-focused, and has access to some of the best removal in the game in Hex and Lightning Storm. Throwing dragon synergy into that mix enables you to play a control deck that starts out early in the same way that Priest does. There are two types of control decks in Hearthstone, passive and proactive. This very much falls into the “proactive” camp; a deck that contests the board at every stage of the game, but has enough big finishers and strong clears to eventually come out on top.

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  1. vamp9190 says:

    I get the sense that this deck is a constant reactive struggle and always trying to come from behind. Not sure if in the video the opponents got better that “normal” (perfect) draws though.