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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Dragon Warlock!


After the buzz from Blackrock died down, it didn’t take long for everyone to realize that dragons, in all of their infinite glory, weren’t all what people cracked them up to be. In fact, it is rare to encounter a dragon deck on the ladder at all these days, and most aren’t that good. However, while Paladin, Priest, and even Warrior, couldn’t sustain the beastly lizards, this decks legend list shows that some, who have a much more infernal power, can.

Warlock is not a class that seems like it would be a good fit for dragons, but time and time again, lifetap shows that it can support any type of deck. However, you should not be fooled. Despite its name, this is a control deck that plays almost exactly like Control Warrior does. You wear down your opponent with solid removal and card advantage, and then end the game with huge finishers. While Warrior wins on the back of Alexstrasza and Grommash Hellscream, this deck has Lord Jaraxxus and Nefarian. The goal of this is deck is to constantly stay alive, and, in doing so, just keep wearing your opponent down until they run out of things to play.

The crux of this deck is that it has two modes. With , there is always the option of the early “Handlock” package where you can just fill your hand to dig for your middle and late game threats. However, also know there are many games where you will not be tapping for the first few turns, but rather just trying to keep control of the early board. Many games will go to fatigue, and plenty will go down to the last card or two, but that is usually a good thing as, not only can this deck match all others punch for punch, but it is built to excel in those situations.

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  1. somavo says:

    Ok , i play this deck for a week now , love to play it , but extremely weak against hunters any suggestions to improve it ? For the other encounters really like it , but against hunters i loose 90% of the games .
    Sorry if my English isnt that good i am from Belgium .

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Your English is fine, no worries! Not sure how to improve the Hunter matchup, you already have a good amount of healing (which is all you can do). You should try to maybe incorporate more taunt or maybe an extra heal if you can find it. There are ways to cut the curve down, and you could even maybe shave a twilight drake for a tazdingo or the like.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great, innovative deck! This deck is awesome to play. This type of innovation is what this site needs more of instead of just making small changes to well known net decks (such as mid range hunter).
    The only problem I’ve had with this deck is that it is very dependent on drawing a dragon early. I would consider Faerie Dragons instead of Zombie Chows.
    Again, great deck!

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Thanks! Glad you like it. Yeah, sometimes there aren’t enough dragons, but, as I said below, I feel like you need to have chows are solid one drops. They really let you stay in the early game with other decks, and give you some extra reach to get to the mid-end game.

      • dynelight says:

        I might try the Fairy Dragons and Iron beak owl instead of Zombies and Thalnos.
        I can’t seem to be able to mulligan for zombies and I am also having the problem that I dont have a dragon to trigger Technitian.

  3. dynelight says:

    I’m trying this deck and I think it has a lot of potential. I have lost more games than won, but I sense that I finish my games by a shorthand. I went from 13 to almost 10 with this deck and I’m back to 12.

    I really would consider changing Zombie Chow x2 and Bloodmage Thalnos:

    – I feel Zombie Chow would be more useful on an aggro deck. I can’t seem to be able to make trades with Zombie at first and zombie limits the potential early damage I could possibly do with this deck. I know early damage is not the point, but I feel this deck is good for holding games for a long time and do gradual damage

    – I feel Thalnos just doesn’t make good synergy… It’s too weak and the only spell that affects Thalnos with this deck is implosion.

    I could consider the following alternatives:

    – Ironbeak Owl: To stop annoy-a-tron or other big tanks. I think Owl is a lot more useful than Thalnos
    – Voidwalker helps hold off early damage
    – Forget about a 1-2 card and use another disabler. Since I drag games for so long, sometimes my disablers aren’t there when I need them. I would consider another Siphon Soul or Twisting Nether.

    I seem to be struggling a lot with control warrior and EVERYONE GET IN HERE combo. I managed to shrug it off once with a Twisting Nether but the opponent placed it again and I had no way to counter it. Another Hellfire could be a good solution for this.

    You need to fix some of your wording too. Check out this paragraph:

    “The basis of this match is to keep running out your threats until you run them dry. Once they are out of removal, you can drop something like Chromaggus or Nefarian and just down them in card advantage. You want to watch out for Brawl more than anything else, and as soon as you have an open opportunity for Lord Jaraxxus, you should let him take over. Control Warrior is good at many things, but dealing with an never ending army of 6/6 demons is not one of them. , you need to watch out for Force of Nature/Savage Roar. As there isn’t a Druid deck these days that doesn’t run the combo, past turn nine you need to make sure to stay out of combo range at all costs.”

    You talk about control warrior and then you talk about Druid.

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Good points. I do like the inclusion of Owl in this deck. While it is very good for the early game, it is also an answer to Sylvanas, since she can be a problem. However, I wouldn’t cut the Chow. They are too powerful in the early game and can take over a game against something like Paladin or Hunter.

      • Anonymous says:

        Maybe I don’t know how to play them properly.
        By the way, Twisting Nether and Volcanic Drake are a great combination. If I wipe the board, I can use a Drake for 0 mana. I don’t think you mentioned that.

        I really like this deck

  4. madboyx says:

    Really interesting deck. Looking forward to trying this.