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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Dreadsteed to Legend!


Every once in a while on Weekly Legends even I get surprised. Sometimes that’s because of certain decks, sometimes it’s because of strange card choices, and sometimes it’s because a deck that I never thought would ever be able to get to legend does. This week’s deck is very much the latter. Dreadsteed is not a card I ever thought would climb all the way to the orange diamond (at least not until more sets were released). In fact, I thought it was a very gimmicky card that had no reason to be on ladder. Very restrictive thinking for one such as myself, but sometimes even I have a hard time being a believer. However, this week I am very excited to say that VelGod proved me completely wrong, using the demon horse to show me that innovation is still alive and well in Hearthstone. That is something I love to prove, but sometimes people innovate in ways I didn’t think were possible. And that’s pretty cool.

This list, while full of different Dreadsteed interactions, is very much a slow Control-style deck. Your game plan here is going to use the steeds are a source of constant removal rather than a win condition. Much like Hobgoblin, this card is going to help you win, but you don’t need it to win. Rather, you are just going to play as if you are playing standard Warlock tempo or standard Warlock Control (based on the game state). This mindset is very important when playing this deck. Too often people get caught up in what a deck is “supposed to do” rather than just playing the game. This leads to misplays or causes them to keep cards in their opening hand that they shouldn’t. Avoid this trap by understanding what this deck is: a control deck with a lot of tools and interesting interactions at its disposal.

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  1. kraemax says:

    This sure is a fun decklist to play, though I found it difficult to win with in “my” current meta – 2 out of 3 games seem to be either against face hunter (i.e. “auto loss”), Druid, (i.e. “semi-auto-loss”), or Tempo-Mage, which I also find very difficult to play against – if you cannot secure board control straight away (i.e. the Mage has a better on-curve draw), I found that the games spin out of control very quickly, and you don’t have too much time to react before you lose.

    That being said, I feel like the deck needs some additional healing in the current meta, but I don’t know exactly what to tech in. I was thinking about one Mistress of Pain, but I’m not sure what to swap it for – maybe the Zombie Chow?

    Anyway, the deck’s great against all sorts of midrange and control decks, and on the rare occasions you do manage a win against a Face Hunter – there is no more satisfying feeling than beating a dumb-ass in-your-face-deck with something that actually requires thought and intelligence to pilot ;)))

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Yeah, I know what you mean going against hyper aggro. Mistress is probably a good option. There was one in the original list, but I took her out for Jaxx. A second healbot could also be worth considering. I wouldn’t cut the chow though, probably something like the juggler.

      • kraemax says:

        Thx for your reply. I dunno about cutting the juggler though – it’s just too great combined with the ‘steed. Personally, I feel like the could do without the Creeper, gonna try that out – keeping the same mana curve, additional demon synergy and some healing.

  2. popbot says:

    Hi Joseph. Just want to thank you for this well done guide as well as for this well rounded and balanced decklist.
    For a while I’ve playtested several Dreadsteed lists and I have to confess that your take on this archetype is really interesting in so many ways: the card choice is meaningfull in the current meta, your guide and the advices you give are also accurate.
    GG, Have Fun!

  3. illithian says:

    All day at work today, I was thinking about playing a new Warlock (my favorite class) deck. I come home, find this article and build the deck. Five games in, I am undefeated, and holy crap is this fun to play. Can I tell you how satisfying it is to crush control warrior?