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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Egg Druid


As we move down the road to another season of Hearthstone, I (as always) look for the new and the interesting Legend decks. While I have covered a ton of different builds, guides and assorted lists over the years, my favorite things to cover (besides the truly crazy) are the decks that bring a new spin to an old class. As metas develop, most classes fall into one (or two) set builds. Those builds become optimized as time moves on, and get stronger and stronger with each passing week. This locks them into a mold and keeps them there for months at a time. I like to break that mold whenever possible, by taking classes that seemingly only have one style and looking at decks that move them in the complete opposite direction. This week is an example of that. Instead of giving us the classic Ramp or C’thun build that just about every Malfurion has been since the combo flew the coop (got nerfed into oblivion) GeorgiusHELLAS brings us a version of the old Egg Druid aggro deck that can really do some work when piloted correctly.

Egg Druid was once a very strong deck during the pre-standard days. It has lost many of its staple cards (the combo, Nerubian Egg, etc.) since then, which caused it to quickly fall of the way side. That, combined with the fact that it was never a super popular list, quickly faded it out of existence. This week’s list seeks to change that by giving us a very strong version of the classic. Druid has a lot of ramp options, but they also have a lot of ways to kill their opponent. Even without Force of Nature, Savage Roar still gets you from thirty to zero in a hurry. Swipe can do a lot of work, and there are ample ways to buff up your cards. I would say this list operates much like an aggressive token build where you want to swarm the board and try to overwhelm your opponent before they can find enough resources to stabilize. One of Aggro Druid’s biggest problems has always been the weakness to AOE. However, mass removal has become a lot less popular since the addition of Standard. In addition, this deck also has a good subtle beast sub-theme, which can really come in handy when the time is right.

Note: The original list did not run Innervate. I do not understand why that was, and I would not play any Druid deck (especially one with as many explosive openings as this one) without the free ramp spell.

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Leave a Reply

  1. m4lfurion says:

    the orginal list doesn’t run innervate because it completly sucks when topdecked. with this deck you are usually in topdeckmode very early so if you don’t get innervate in the mulligan or in the first ~3 turns it’s garbage. also power of the wild is great. you can use it as a tempo 3/2 if you lack board presence and if you have board presence you can use it for value.

  2. razorsharppro says:

    Big fan of the weekly legends bro, keep up the good work.

    I will say however, that I am not a fan of this deck. While I admit it can have some sick opens it can also draw very poorly and you can be left with a hand full of buffs, roars and innervates and get wrecked.

    It also gets crushed real hard by Aggro Shaman, which seems to be dominating the meta, at least on EU and Asia (where I play).

    Watched the vid and mulligan guide and read the write up and proceeded to get smashed winning just 2 games out of 10 at rank 7. Queued into Zoo running crazed alchemist which smashed my egg open, then Shaman 5x in a row, then token Yogg druid which seems to have more gas in the tank than this deck.

    Ran out of steam vs hunter twice so Rexxar managed to call of the wild on curve and make an omelette out of my eggs :(

    I appreciate variance can play a huge part but I just found myself with some horrible hands holding nothing I could play on a frequent basis. Unless you draw the nut open very often your eggs get scrambled.

    Still looking forward to next weeks vid tho.

  3. vamp9190 says:

    Hmmm, only 1 Power of the Wild seems to somewhat defeat the purpose of this deck.