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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Egg Midrange Paly


Secret Paladin, who needs it? Not only is the deck’s time on this Earth short lived (come on Standard!) but it’s so been there done that. You play some cards, things happen, you play some more cards. We get it. This week I wanted to look at Uther from a different, more midrangey angle. Yes, this deck may look a lot like Secret at first glance, but it is a completely different beast. Classic Midrange Paladin is one of my all-time favorite decks, and this build (built by Xzirez) takes a spin on it I have not yet seen (not easy to do). Instead of going for a bunch of different value cards and finishing damage, it relies almost completely on minions; using them to control the board and steadily take over the game one turn at a time. It is rare to see a deck so minion-based that works so well, but this list really puts together a great number of strong interactions and buffs that take it over the top.

Paladin, despite what it has become, has some of the best control tools out of any class. That usually pertains to their strong late-game, solid removal and incredible healing. However, they also have a lot of ways to control the board. This deck is chock full of ways to slowly build up your presence, which is exactly what a good midrange list needs. Yes, this deck is still shackled to the cards it must run (Shielded Minibot, Muster for Battle) but it has some very interesting interactions that make it pretty special. The best way to envision this list is through the lens of Midrange Druid. However, the cards here are much more unique, more fun to play, and are much, much more interactive than anything Malfurion can muster. There is no combo here, just good ol’ honest minions.

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  1. highjinx says:

    Lately I can’t seem to get the videos to play. The only way I can see them is to go view source and hit the embed url directly: Not the way you want us to watch it, I’m sure :) Maybe look into that?