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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Face Warrior


And I am back! My two week hiatus is finally over, and boy, did I miss you guys. Now that we know that Whispers of the Old Gods is a long, long, long (long, long, long) way away, it is time to get back to business. And by business, I mean grinding. And by grinding, I mean cool legend decks! This week, we return to form with a new spin on a very old deck from the early days of Hearthstone: Face Warrior. Once upon a time, this niche archetype was a very real, very dangerous threat (once against thanks to Reynad). However, as time has moved forward, and more and more taunts (Deathlord, Sludge Belcher) have been printed, it faded away. This week we look at a modern version of the deck by Jon314159, who took the shell, formed into something for the current meta, and brought it all the way to rank 9 legend.

Let’s be frank here, Face Warrior has a lot of inherent problems. It can get weapon flooded, crumbles without a good curve, and gets absolutely stonewalled by taunts. However, that being said, if the deck curves out right, it is one of the scariest lists in the game. This deck takes the Aggro Shaman approach to the meta; get a bad curve and you falter, get a good curve and you win big. In this case, you are going to win really, really big. Face Warrior is predicated on the idea that not every opponent you play is going to have a strong opening. Yes, sometimes you are going to lose to your opponent’s nut draw, but a lot of games you are going to win simply because your opponent doesn’t have their two or three drop. That is how this deck builds, and if you know how to pilot it, it can really build into a powerful machine.

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