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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Flood Paladin!


Dare to be different guys and girls. Dare. To. Be. Different. That is a very important lesson in life (that has largely shaped the course of my existence) and it is a very important lesson in Hearthstone. You never want to go with the flow just because someone is telling you too (or because they are playing the “best deck”). Rather, forge your own path and understand that you need to be your own person in this world. This week’s deck is a good reflection of that, showing what can happen when you take a common idea and make it into your own. I know, a lot of inspiration for a Monday, but honestly, this deck deserves it.

Today we take a look at my favorite class, Paladin. Not as it is today, but as it once was. Today’s article is not going to focus on some aggro, secret or egg deck. No, this is a nod the classic midrange lists, but has a brand new twist.┬áSo, the biggest question is, what’s going on here? We have a half midrange deck that also runs some big finishers as well as some more aggressive cards. It seems like a very strange take on what was once classic Paladin midrange, and that’s exactly what it is. However, instead of being worse for wear, the changes really help make the deck special. There are many cards in this deck that do not normally fit into decks together, and there are also many play in ways you wouldn’t normally expect. The most important ones will be outlined below.

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  1. dukeofyork says:

    I’m trying this deck out – seems good – lost my first 4 games in a row but won the next 5. I liked impose’s idea below and added Justicar instead of one Abusive Sergeant.

    Barely beat one Face Hunter. I had total board control but only one point left at the end of his turn, (he had 3 pts) and he had put up a secret. He said “sorry” as if he had won. I hit him with a giant (at full strength) and won. What would have happened if it had been an explosive trap? Would we both have died, with the game a draw? I don’t know what kind of secret it was.

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Glad you’re having success with it. Justicar does seem like a good choice. Also, no, you would have died first to the trap before your attack went through.

  2. impose says:

    Why no Justicar? Seems like a given in a deck that wants to enable Gormok and Sea Giants.

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      While she is very strong, I think her mana cost is a bit too slow for what she does. But then again, could be worth trying out. Though, I would hesitate to raise the curve.

  3. goblinprof says:

    A good looking deck but no Murloc Knight and no Mukla’s champion? Those cards are killers in Paladin flood decks. To be sure they are implicit 6 and 7 drops rather than 4 and 5 drops – since you want to inspire at least once. But they are frequently backbreaking. They are particularly strong against opponents with board clears, because like muster the recruits they rebuild your board presence quickly.

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Mukla’s Champion (a card I have a lot of history with) just seems too slow. However, I really like the idea of murloc knight, definitely worth trying out.