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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Freeze (Malygos) Mage


Now that Patron has been hit with the Warsong Commander nerf, Freeze Mage (one of my all time favorite decks) has a chance to return to the ladder. However, while that is good and well, I do not simply cover the traditional decks on Weekly Legends. Rather, I always try to teach something about the game by showing odd or interesting deck choices. This week is going to be a lesson is one of adaptation. Instead of looking at the usual Freeze Mage fare, we are going to look at a list that sevensongs took to Legend. Instead of the usual finisher, this deck opts to get rid of Archmage Antonidas and some other traditional freeze options to adapt to the current meta.

This list relies on Malygos to end games. While the legendary dragon has been used in fringe lists, this is the first time where he is by himself. However, he gives you a lot of finishing power and, because people don’t expect him, also gives you a huge amount of surprise. People will often expect fifteen or so damage following an Alexstrasza, but with Malygos and Emperor Thaurissan you can get people from high up in the twenties. That surprise is what instantly drew me to the list because it will allow you to win a lot of games you normally would lose.

In addition, this deck also runs a couple of key tweaks that make it perfectly adapted to today’s meta. Those tweaks, along with the new finisher, really make this stand out among Freeze Mage lists and show why this deck is a great choice for ladder.

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Leave a Reply

  1. goldenboy says:

    Great article, thanks. Why do you prefer Loat Hoarder to Explosive Sheep?

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Your welcome. Sheep is a solid tech choice, but the card draw on Loot Hoarder is essential (especially because you only have one acolyte). Getting cards is priority number one in this deck so you want the two drop that furthers your end game.

  2. polygon says:

    Patron is for sure still a thing. Made it top 100 legend last season with it and rank 7 on the first day this season. The deck is different but still strong, better even in some match ups. Its just dumb and narrow minded to say its absolutely dead and to tell your viewers to not play it without even testing the new lists.

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      I mean, it’s an opinion. I think it’s a really weak deck that is just going to get worse and worse as the new cards come out. While it may have success here and there, I think there are way better options out there.