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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Grinder Armor Mage


Wow. Just…wow. I honestly do not know when the last time I had this much fun playing a deck.┬áIf you follow either of my series you know that I have been on a huge control kick as of late. I’m not entirely sure why that is, but it could very well be because most of the truly innovative or interesting decks these days fall on the slow-game side of things. This week’s deck follows that trend, by bringing a card to legend I thought would absolutely see no play for any reason: Animated Armor. This card seems like a very gimmicky, weak four drop (which it is). However, like many cards in this deck, it becomes amazing when put into this grinder style build. This deck wants to go as long as possible, and every card in this matchup helps build towards that goal.

This deck is very, very finely tuned. As a deckbuilder, I wish I had thought of this myself because it is just that cool. At first glance this deck looks like a thrown together Reno deck without Reno. However, do not be fooled. Every single slot serves a very important purpose and is central to the game plan, which is to draw your opponent out as long as possible. You want to stall as much as you can and then wear your opponent down to nothing. This list is just an absolute value machine and can take on any deck in the game pound for pound. It can out-grind every control deck, but also has enough tools to outlast aggro. I even won a game where a Secret Paladin Divine Favored for nine. That is how strong this list is. I know I am gushing, but it is very rare where a deck comes along that truly feels unique. Yes, it is a Grinder/Fatigue Mage list, but it plays the role unlike anything I have seen before.

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  1. LightsOutAce says:

    You really need to see Mad Max if that is what your reference was.

    I personally dislike Thaurissan, Ragnaros, and Animated Armor and prefer a second Doomsayer, Frost Novas, and Antonidas to turn the corner faster when you need to and set up Doomsayer better. You can also play Antonidas and Duplicate on the same turn without a Thaurisssan set-up. It also seems like you’d run into trouble with only one Polymorph, but I admit I’ve never tried that.

    • LightsOutAce says:

      Oh, and Water Elemental in the 4-drop slot. That card is just insane and better than Armor I think, even without the ‘spell taunt.’

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      So, Freeze Mage then? Haha. Yes, it was Mad Max, which I will see in time. Honestly, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Armor is better than all of those cards combined for this list. Duplicating Armor has won me so many countless games it’s really unreal. The only card that has won me more is Ragnaros, which is basically unstoppable when Duplicated. I could see cutting Thaurissan for the Doomsayer, but as I said in the write-up, this is a perfectly constructed deck. Every single card is in here for a reason.

  2. robertet says:

    Nice guide. I played this deck before i saw it on Hearthpwn. I see you have changed Dr.boom for ragnaros.

    • thetvsurgeon says:

      Not my list (as stated) but it’s a great deck. Yeah. Ragnaros just seems so much better in this build. While Boom is obviously strong, the ability to get multiple Ragnaroses is incredible, as is the immediate removal potential. Not to mention you never want to duplicate a Boom Bot.