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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Hobgoblin Egg Druid


Man, oh, man is it a good time to be a Hearthstone player. While there are some clear cut “best decks” out there, the meta is wide open. A ton of different lists are making the climb to legend and each class has something to play. That being said, everyone who follows this or my Brewmaster series knows how much I despise Midrange Druid. It is by far the most stale, one-dimensional deck in the game as it revolves around a set finishing combo in the exact same way that Patron Warrior and Miracle Rogue once did. Because of that, I have been dying for someone to take a non-midrange Druid list to legend. Adviltripp answered my prayers by creating a aggro Druid list unlike any I have ever seen.

This is a deck that plays a lot more like Zoo than anything else. It uses small or sticky minions to swarm the board, and then uses that presence to do a lot of damage very, very quickly. Yes, this deck still mainly relies on Savage Roar as a finisher. However, not only is there no full combo, but it plays a lot of interesting cards to make roar work. This is not a “jam in the combo” Druid deck. Rather, it is a deck that is shaped by Savage Roar and the idea of cheap minions. There are many interesting ideas in this list, all of which come together to create a very cool, cohesive whole that can end a lot of games very, very quickly.

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  1. tommycreo says:

    Joseph, thanks a lot man!
    Got all druid cards but never played him, i’m reaally kind of a warrior guy.
    Reached rank 13 today and fell to 14 but this deck is something!
    Sometimes thinking about 1 copy of swipe against zoolocks, won only 1 game against them because of their imps.

  2. direna says:

    Which Hero Power should be chosen by Sir Finley? Haven’t read that in the Article – Thanks!