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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Hybrid/Aggro Zoo


I love Warlock. There are several reasons for this (mainly because it once allowed me to take Hobgoblin to legend) but one of the biggest is because of how much innovation the class allows. While it, like all classes, has some decks that are much more popular than others, the potential of Lifetap has created some truly unique decks through Hearthstone’s storied history. One such deck is today’s list from Xzirez, an aggro Warlock deck that has some shades of the classic Zoo, but operates in a completely different way. Burst has always been strong in the game, and this deck is a build that absolutely thrives on it.

While Xzirez called this deck a hybrid deck, I would say that is pretty far from the truth. Yes, you do have some midrange cards, but the deck is mostly an aggro build with a couple of interesting options. You are going to spend your time pushing for damage and trying to set up lethal as fast as possible. While people may initially miss that due to the various bells and whistles tacked on to the different cards, understand this deck’s primary destination is your opponent’s face. I say that, not as an insult, but as a fact. The most important part of playing any deck is understanding the way it operates. Despite what you may think from looking over the decklist, going for value plays is not the way you are going to win with this deck. The way you win is by going hard to the face.

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