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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: (My) Mad Bomber Hunter


People grind to legend for different reasons. Some grind to get the card back (my initial reason), some grind for personal gain, for ego or for Blizzcon points. Last month, I did it for another reason. I did it to prove a point. While I set out last season to make the climb to the top of the ladder with Taunt Warrior on my Brewmaster series, I had hit a roadblock at rank 2 and did not have enough daylight left in the season left to work the deck in the way that I wanted. As such, with just about a day and a half left, I set out to find something different I could use to complete the climb. However, I didn’t just want something different, I specifically wanted to play Hunter. And not just any Hunter, I wanted to bring back some good old face action.

Over the past few months I have heard time and time again that Hunter is “dead”. That the class just doesn’t have what it takes to stand up to the meta, and that its time in the sun is over. I tire of such things, and always like to show people that any deck or class can make the climb with enough skill, determination and practice. For this climb I used a deck that WalleyeHS took to the legend, which does a great job of taking the classic Face Hunter build and making some very important tweaks. Remember, innovation is not always starting from scratch or building this crazy new idea that you’ve never seen before (though that is awesome). Sometimes it is simply taking a deck that no longer works and injecting some new life into it. There are a lot of familiar faces in this list, but there are quite a bit of new ones as well. While some of the choices in this list may seem odd or just plain wrong, they all serve a very important purpose when it comes to adapting to the meta. A lot of people don’t like Face Hunter, and a lot of people don’t give it enough credit. While it is easy to win some games with here and there with, mastering it takes a lot of skill.

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Leave a Reply

  1. berekt says:

    So this is a instalose VS Renolock or Renomage or any other deck that has Reno right?

    • berekt says:

      Since I was climbing from rank 16 to 8 and then all of a sudden bumped into a wall of Reno’s. Lost 5 consecutive matches. :(

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah, it’s reeeeaaalllly hard to take down Reno decks. Would probably say 90/10 in their favor.

  2. rawfooddude says:

    I am a little concerned about the # of beast’s. 2 owls and 2 hounds don’t seem to be enough for a half decent kill command. Also with the tracking are 2 hounds and 2 owls necessary? Would -1hound -1 owl -1explosive + 1 snake trap +2animal companion synergize? I’m curious what your thoughts are

    • Anonymous says:

      I would not cut an explosive trap for anything in the world. The card is just too good against most of the meta and punishes other aggro decks. That same logic goes for the hounds as well. If you’re looking to fit in snake I would look at misdirection. Also, while some people enjoy animal companion I have always hated it in Face. You really only ever want Huffer, and sometimes Leokk. The RNG puts me off. It could fit in, but I have no idea what to cut. You could try to go down to one owl, but I think that would lose you too many games. There may not be many beasts, but I have really never had a problem procing KC. Besides, a lot of the time three damage for three mana is a fine deal.

  3. highjinx says:

    Video just spins and spins….no watchey :(

  4. masterofthese says:

    Nice deck. But paladin can still win if they get low drops and proper secrets to play around hunters. Be aware its not a free win vs an experienced paladin player you must play it perfectly to win

    • Anonymous says:

      I would actually say the opposite. An experienced Hunter player almost cannot lose.

  5. vamp9190 says:

    Video not working, says it’s private.