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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Malygos Druid!


Dragons. One of the most mystic, iconic and awe-inspiring mythical creatures of all time. A race of beings so grand and majestic that they have inspired novels, comics and movies all on their own. A centerpiece of lore, a favorite of the fantasy world and, with TGT, they are finally playable in Hearthstone. However, while Dragon Warrior has been around for some time, and Dragon Priest is currently storming across the ladder, I am here today to bring you a different take on the Dragon strategy: Dragon Druid. Malfurion is not the guy you would go to when thinking of the flying lizards, but this week’s deck does that to great effect. Now that I got the whole “strong cards in old decks” thing out of my system, I am back with a crazy TGT legend build for all of your brewers out there. This one comes from one of my favorite deck builders named Badware, who uses a solid midgame base to create a very powerful combo deck.

Before we begin, note that this list is not your stock Druid, though it does run stock druid cards. Rather, it takes the very old idea of Malygos/Moonfire and gets rid its weaknesses by making it a midrange deck. How? Instead of going full combo, this deck is a midrange deck with the combo in it. That is a huge difference that takes this build from something gimmicky to something extremely consistent. Yes, there are only six dragons in the deck and four taunts. However, six is more than enough activators, and you keep control of the game through removal more than anything else. Surprise is, once again, a huge factor in this deck, and will lead to countless games you have no business winning. That alone makes it a great choice for the meta, add on the fact that is good against almost all of the most popular decks in the game, and you have a real winner. 

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Leave a Reply

  1. sagemon says:

    Is Alexstraza an option over Nefarian? Seems more cohesive with the idea of blowing your opponent out; kind of like old Pyroclasm Mage.

  2. hoit__ says:

    Tried this deck last night and seemed pretty strong. Went 11-3 and only needed the combo once when I dished out 26 damage in one turn via double moonfire and double living root.

    Fun to play as well :)

  3. schattelux says:

    excellent guide, I will try it…
    I am new and still have to learn the meta and all the decks.

  4. politrix says:

    A very fun to play deck. The burst damage you can do with this deck is insane, really loving it.