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February 2, 2017

Weekly Legends: Mech-Bear-Acolyte-Gadgetzan-Cat Druid


Sometimes on Weekly Legends we break down meta decks. Sometimes, we analyze how to tweak existing decks, making small changes and showing how just going one or two cards off of the norm can be invaluable. And sometimes…Sometimes, we take a dive off the deep end. Legend is something that everyone, regardless of your play style or favorite class, can hit. That is something that I try to make clear with my articles, and why I take the time to cover things like Shaman and Priest in a world where everyone thinks they’re dead. Nothing is truly dead, merely sleeping, and if you have a proper deck composition, anything can take you to the orange diamond. To exemplify this, this week we are looking at a Druid list by Yauld, which doesn’t just break from the norm, it takes the norm and crushes it with a steel mallet.

Mech-Bear-Cat is a very strange card. On one hand, it is very aggressively costed, powerful minion that, due to its ability, will almost always get some type of value. On the other hand, it is a minion with low health that doesn’t impact the board immediately and dies to BGH. However, much like the Crusher Shaman deck of old, this is the style of list where you simply want to overpower your opponent with sheer force and then combo them down in the end. However, unlike the Crusher Shaman deck of old, this list has an assortment of very specific tools (listed below) that will enable you to survive the early turns, and push for control in the middle game. Those tools come together very well, and they are what allow the list to really shine. You are a Combo Druid deck at heart, but on top of that you are an amalgamation of strong minions and very powerful spells that all set up your end game plan; which of course is to get your opponent to fourteen health.

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Leave a Reply

  1. sentenza says:

    I just love it. Refreshing AND competitive, what more can you ask for while waiting for the new meta! Thanks for spotting this kind of gems and breaking them down for us.

    • Anonymous says:

      Awesome! Thanks so much. Yeah, TGT is gonna be great, and I’m going to be theory crafting a ton (as well as going some articles).

      • sentenza says:

        Btw I’ve tried to create a mech druid that includes those awesome mech-bear-cats, would you care to let me know what you think of it? It’s here if you’re curious:

        • Joseph says:

          I like the shell (Reynad was just running a similar list) but it might be too top heavy. I don’t think Loatheb is needed, and the double cat means you probably only want one force of nature. Two wrath and an extra living roots would fit really nicely into the list. Also, the Azure Drake, while good with draw, seems unecessary.

          • sentenza says:

            Thanks a lot for taking the time to check it, I’ll try your suggestions! (I’m a bit worried about the risk of losing the single FoN to Fel Reaver’s effect, but maybe it not a big risk and/or issue)

  2. quattroc says:

    cool deck.

  3. jaygarxp says:

    Nice! Every time I see one of your decks I have to play it for a while. I have been having fun with the Counterspell you showed a ways back too.

    • Anonymous says:

      Haha, thanks. Now, I have to say these (for the most part) aren’t “my decks” but rather ones that I think are really,, really cool. But I’m always glad to get positive feedback. Good luck!